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Reader’s Digest Parent Company Bets its Life on Hearth-and-Home, Wholesome Audience
November 30, 2015 at 2:09 pm

Bonnie Kintzer has had plenty of experience as a publishing consultant and executive as well as earning a Harvard MBA degree. Still, when she signed on as CEO in April 2014 to turn around the twice-bankrupt Reader’s Digest Association, it may have looked from the outside like Mission Impossible. “I came in with my eyes…

Press Release: Trusted Media Brands (FKA, Reader's Digest) Hires Chief Marketing Officer
November 2, 2015 at 2:57 pm

NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/—Trusted Media Brands, Inc. (formerly known as Reader's Digest Association), an iconic, multiplatform media company, today announced that Alec Casey has been appointed Chief Marketing Officer, reporting directly to President and CEO, Bonnie Kintzer. Casey previously worked for the company, serving on the U.S. Consumer Marketing team from 1995 to 2000. "I'm pleased to welcome…

Press Release: In Historic Move, The Reader's Digest Association, Inc. Changes Name To 'Trusted Media Brands, Inc.'
September 29, 2015 at 1:11 pm

NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/—After 93 years as The Reader's Digest Association, Inc., the company today announced a new corporate name, Trusted Media Brands, Inc. (TMBI), a historic move that addresses its significant and transformative growth. A powerhouse of iconic, multi-platform brands, Trusted Media Brands, Inc. includes Reader's Digest, Taste of Home, Simple & Delicious, The…

The Other Side of Fragmentation
April 1, 2013

Most talk of fragmentation concerns the negative. Fragmentation of audiences, content, distribution, sourcing—the great partition of media, which got underway in the 1970s and picked up steam with the rise of the Internet

What is a Publisher?
April 1, 2013

Most of us who read this magazine are in the word business. We are so sophisticated at this business that our expertise in wordsmanship has actual monetary value.

That Was The Year That Was: Marking a Publishing Milestone
March 5, 2013

Word went around the office this morning that North American Publishing Company, publisher of Publishing Executive and Book Business, is 55 today—"officially the speed limit," as one staffer put it. NAPCO was founded March 5, 1958 in Philadelphia by Irvin J. Borowsky. Its flagship publication, Printing Impressions, is still going strong today—albeit in a vastly changed world from the hot type era it was born into.

Reader's Digest Is Bankrupt (Again) as Iconic Publisher Falters
February 19, 2013

RDA Holding Co., publisher of the 91-year-old Reader's Digest magazine, has filed for bankruptcy protection to cut $465 million in debt and focus on North American operations as consumers shift from print to electronic media.

The company is the latest in a line of iconic businesses to have recently sought court protection from creditors, after Hostess Brands Inc., maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, and Eastman Kodak Co., inventor of Kodachrome and the Instamatic camera. It's also the latest sign of struggle for traditional media companies that were once unstoppable juggernauts. Time Inc., most recently

The Family Handyman Magazine and Ikea Team Up For 2nd Annual Rescue Remodel Contest
November 7, 2012

The Family Handyman Rescue Remodel Contest, sponsored by IKEA, celebrates its second year of giving back to worthy groups such as firehouses, boys & girls clubs and soup kitchens. From now until December 15, 2012, communities can nominate their local organization to win an IKEA kitchen makeover valued at $25,000.

Reader's Digest Association Folds Healthy Cooking Magazine Into Taste of Home
October 23, 2012

Reader's Digest Association is shutting down the bimonthly Healthy Cooking as a standalone magazine and transferring its 516,000 subscribers to the larger Taste of Home, continuing its effort to focus on its big core brands.

Reader's Digest Association doesn't plan any layoffs associated with the move and will begin running expanded healthy content in Taste of Home as part of the change, according to Frank Quigley, general manager of Reader's Digest Milwaukee, the unit that handles both brands. Taste of Home's section on healthy choices, for example, will double to eight pages.

Reader’s Digest Is Alive And Growing In The Digital World
October 9, 2012

Hey, remember Reader’s Digest? It’s a magazine that I remember seeing on lots of shelves when I was growing up. Now Editor in Chief Liz Vaccariello tells me that the magazine has undergone a “digital transformation”, especially this year, and it’s finding a growing audience on tablets, with digital sales set to exceed newsstand copies by December.

As with other large, general interest publications, Reader’s Digest has had a bumpy few years. Back in 2009, it went from 12 issues a year to 10,