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You’re Hired!
March 1, 2007

Hiring Top Talent: What to Look for in Today’s Candidates hile the transition from manual paste-up to computer pagination was for years a revolution in the making, the impact of electronic content—and ever-expanding expectations of quality and variety in graphics, presentation and delivery—has hit the industry like a wave, propelling some publishers to new heights and leaving others feeling like flotsam. One thing is for certain—having the right people on board is key to success. Managers and executives with an understanding of today’s technologies and an ability to react quickly to emerging ideas and create innovative products based on them can make all the

Pruning for Growth
February 1, 2007

Last year certainly did not end with a whimper. From cost-cutting moves at Time Inc. on down, three words seemed to be apt for the coming year: less is more. Still, while companies have to be quick to cut the fat, they can’t be afraid of growth, something that e-media doesn’t just call for—it demands. Publishing Executive spoke with presidents and CEOs of a handful of leading publishing companies to get a glimpse of what they believe will be most important to the industry this year, how their companies are dealing with the challenges afoot, and why their positions are more demanding than ever. Focused

5-Seconds With ...
February 1, 2007

Frank Anton, CEO, Hanley Wood LLC BACKGROUND: As head of one of the largest b-to-b companies in the country, Anton has been with Hanley Wood for 25 years as an editor and publisher, his first position as editor of Builder. BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Finding better ways to use e-media. BIGGEST PRIORITY: “Adjusting to the changes in our business.” INVESTING MOST HEAVILY IN: Search optimization and other aspects of e-media. Michael Carr, President, Greenspun Media Group BACKGROUND: Focused on the local and visitor experience in Las Vegas, Greenspun Media felt Carr’s background as president of Playboy Magazine and CEO of Weider would be a strong cultural match. BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Finding enough talented people

M&A Update: New Name, Leader Chosen for Prism/Penton Merger
December 8, 2006

INBOX’s “M&A Update” is a new feature that will offer continuous updates on notable merger-and-acquisition activity in the industry. John French Named CEO of Newly Named Penton Media Brand A new name and leader have been chosen for the highly publicized Prism/Penton merger. John French, who served as CEO of Prism Business Media since the company’s formation in 2005, will become the new CEO of the newly named Penton Media. “We are extremely pleased that John will be leading the management team for one of the most powerful portfolios of business media brands ever assembled,” said Anup Bagaria, VP of Wasserstein & Co., the investment firm backing

You’ve Got to Know When to Fold ’Em
September 1, 2006

Home to more than 100 business-to-business magazines, Reed Business Information is the largest business publisher in the United States and a prominent player in conferences and exhibitions, directories, online media and marketing services. A division of Reed Elsevier, the company spans five continents and is a frequent participant in the mergers and acquisitions market. Tad Smith, CEO of Reed Business Information U.S., talked with Publishing Executive about his company’s M&A strategy and what kind of opportunities Reed may be eyeing down the line. Was selling Reed Business Information’s New Products division to Advantage Business Media the most recent M&A deal your company has been involved

M&A Market’s Second Half Opens with a Bang
August 1, 2006

Richard Reiff, who left his post as president of Cygnus Publishing earlier this year, recently announced he had formed a new media company, Advantage Business Media, and that he had acquired Reed Business Information’s New Products (RNP) division. RNP consists of 21 properties, including a number of scientific, technical and medical (STM) magazines and an online search vehicle called ReedLink, which will be rebranded. Reiff is joined in his venture by George Fox, former Cygnus vice president and group publisher. The duo is being backed by equity investment partner Catalyst Investors. Reiff talked with Publishing Executive about his new company, his first acquisition and

USPS Suggests Publishers Take A Hike
August 1, 2006

In a time when cost savings and technological improvements have been encouraging print publishers to turn their focus toward the Web, add one more reason to the mix: postal hikes. With one hike earlier this year and the latest proposed hike of 11.4 percent for periodicals and 8.5 percent for standard mail, circulation directors have to rethink their strategies and brace for financial decisions that could be made by higher-ups. Evelyn Adenau, circulation director for 115,000-circ San Francisco, already budgeted for the first raise in U.S. Postal Service rates, but admits that she, along with many others, did not see this second proposal coming.

9 Options in Digital Editions
April 1, 2005

Digital magazines may not be commonplace, but they're certainly gaining momentum. First on the list of benefits for many who offer digital publications is savings: There are no paper costs, postage fees or printing costs. But also, there's big incentive for advertisers: Direct links to advertisers' Web sites, and now even the ability to incorporate audio and visual into digital versions of print ads. Readers' actions can often be tracked, providing publishers with the means to prove their readers' interest in the advertisers' products. For many, a hindrance was that the technology was a bit slow for large files loaded with graphic images.