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Relevancy Fuels Success in Digital Marketing
September 1, 2012

Audience developers, it is time to reboot digital marketing strategies. Let's evaluate how the customer relationship is changing given new technology, increasing digital channels and consumers who are more selective.

15 Elements of an Effective Audience Development Program
January 1, 2012

For just a moment, let's put trends and tips aside, and take inventory of what constitutes a good audience development program. As our customers (readers, visitors, buyers, members, etc.) call for more and better in a world that is changing at breakneck pace, management expectations also continue to rise. Audience developers have more channels, tools and data to work with than ever before. While being told how easy it is to reach, engage and monetize customers, it has never been more difficult.

The Search for Profitable Publishing
March 1, 2010

The question of whether print-advertising revenue will return to pre-recession levels still looms over many publishers' heads (and many analysts predict that it will not). So publishers not only are striving to boost online revenue and develop creative partnerships with advertisers, but also to find other ways to help offset losses suffered during the past two years, and build new business models around their content and their audiences.

Considering Audio and Video’s Potential on Your Web Sites?
June 1, 2006

It’s the craze that everyone is talking about: adding audio and video content to your Web sites. Audio, video, webcasts, and digital editions of magazines are being heralded as money-makers, and some publishers’ success with them is making the rest of the industry drool like dogs anxiously waiting for the food someone else is eating. Unfortunately, there’s not much available in the way of established guidelines or well-worn paths for incorporating these into your strategy. The result: Many publishers are running in multiple directions, asking everyone they know for input, trying to figure out how to tap this new surefire way of luring