Layoffs Hit BSA's Boy's Life, Scouting
June 26, 2013

The Boy Scouts of America are cutting more than 30 positions from the staff of its two flagship magazines—Boy's Life and Scouting—and its communications department, FOLIO: has learned.

BSA says 17 people were laid off on June 10, with another 17 expected to come by the end of the year. A spokesman would not confirm the positions of those being terminated.


The Production ‘Traffic Cop’
June 1, 2008

Technology has made publishing more efficient. Why can we still not meet deadlines? Everything today is digital. From photography and color-accurate proofs to bluelines and printing plates, technology has reduced production-related costs and time, significantly shortening the production cycle. Editors and designers now are outfitted with machines powerful enough to work with high-resolution images. LCD monitors can be calibrated accurately enough to reduce some of the color-proofing cycles. PDF workflow has significantly reduced issues of missing fonts and images. And for that rare corrupted image error, FTP file transfer has reduced delivery time from overnight to same hour. So why, then, is it

The Increasingly Over-Burdened Art Department
October 1, 2006

It’s often been said that art is subjective. The same could be said about the art process in magazine publishing. While some multi-title publishers believe in one art team for one title, others like to throw the talent at whichever title they can best lend a hand to at the time. Technology has actually been a double-edged sword for the creative department—expediting the print process, but also leading to increased multimedia publishing and marketing, the design of which is often placed on the art department’s plate. Balancing the multiple demands on the art department’s time can be a real challenge. Here’s a behind-the-scenes