Sinar Bron Imaging

Say Cheese, Part Two
June 29, 2001

Last week, the editors of PrintMedia InBox provided a round-up of professional digital cameras from five leading high-end companies in "Say Cheese." This week, InBox closes out the list with more high-tech products to make digital imaging more creative and efficient. The following is a list of digital camera models designed for professional graphic arts markets. Leica Camera LEICA S1 Pro High-resolution and color rendition; professional model LEICA S1 Alpha Professional starter camera; Upgrade kit for conversion to LEICA S1 Pro LEICA S 1 Tilt-shift adapter for lenses; Makes adjustment to large-format; For use with continuous light source LEICA S1 HighSpeed Combines productivity

High-Flying Photography
May 1, 2000

PrintMedia 10/20/00 Red Kite Studios shoots the breeze from a newly digital vantage. If you were to model yourself after a famous kite flier, which would you choose: Ben Franklin, who combined silk and string with a metal key to conduct electricity in 1752, facilitating numerous enlightened achievements; or good ol' Charlie Brown, alleged blockhead and chronic victim of a kite-eating tree? Good grief, Poor Richard, it's a no-brainer! Agreeing that innovation always beats frustration, the three photographers and three stylists operating Red Kite Studios, Tampa, FL, recently "pulled a Franklin" of sorts, using digital photography to give their studio a charge. Founded