Soap Opera Digest

Press Release: American Media, Inc. and GNC Announce Exclusive Ecommerce Partnership
December 23, 2014

NEW YORK, NY/PITTSBURGH, PA (December 23, 2014) - American Media, Inc. (AMI) and GNC Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GNC) today unveiled an exclusive, multi-year ecommerce partnership on Shape, Men's Fitness, Fit Pregnancy, Natural Health, Muscle & Fitness, Flex, and Muscle & Fitness Hers websites. The "Shop GNC" stores debut today and offer a selection of GNC products curated by the editors at the brands in addition to access to the full assortment.

Shape Magazine Promotes Own Product, Labels an Ad as News
January 17, 2014

CONTENT from advertisers that resembles editorial coverage, commonly called native advertising, is drawing heightened scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission, which wants to establish guidelines for labeling it clearly. Now Shape magazine has drawn a rebuke for such content from advertising regulators for an unusual case in which it served as both publisher and advertiser.

In the September issue of Shape, a full-page article carried the headline "Water works!" under the heading of "News."

Soap Opera Declines Cause Fallout for Magazines
April 11, 2012

The decline of daytime soaps has taken its toll on the publishing business. A year after taking control of the publication, American Media Inc. has folded Soap Opera Weekly. In a separate move, AMI also shut down Pixie, a newsstand-only teen celebrity title.

There are only four daytime soaps left, including ABC’s General Hospital and NBC’s Days of Our Lives—down from a peak of 19 in the 1970s—and the magazines devoted to them have seen a corresponding decline.

The Increasingly Over-Burdened Art Department
October 1, 2006

It’s often been said that art is subjective. The same could be said about the art process in magazine publishing. While some multi-title publishers believe in one art team for one title, others like to throw the talent at whichever title they can best lend a hand to at the time. Technology has actually been a double-edged sword for the creative department—expediting the print process, but also leading to increased multimedia publishing and marketing, the design of which is often placed on the art department’s plate. Balancing the multiple demands on the art department’s time can be a real challenge. Here’s a behind-the-scenes