Buyer's Guide 2015: Audience Data Management
April 1, 2015

Fulfillment providers have always been a crucial part of the magazine industry. As long as readers subscribe to print magazines, circulation files will need to be managed. What has changed is that the data publishers can collect about their subscribers has expanded well beyond basic demographics. As our digital footprints continue to grow, traditional fulfillment and list management services are being supplemented by more holistic audience data solutions.

Statlistics Joins Forces With List Incorporated
April 12, 2012

Leading Danbury, CT-based list management and brokerage firm Statlistics has recently joined forces in a strategic alliance with List Incorporated and List Westchester of Armonk New York. Details of the arrangement have yet to be disclosed.

Building Your List Rental Business
September 1, 2007

Public or private, consumer or business-to-business, publishing companies of all shapes and sizes are searching for ways to offset shrinking print ad revenues, and rising postal and operational expenses. Sometimes this search opens doors to previously undiscovered riches—as, for example, many publishers are gambling will be the case with their intensified e-media efforts. But a key factor in the profitable publishing model remains the ability to leverage one’s own assets and, these days, building list rental revenue is at the top of many publishers’, well, lists. Few publishers manage their lists in-house anymore, and Hachette Filipacchi Media (HFM) was among the last holdouts to