Buyer's Guide 2015: Webinar & Video Solutions
April 1, 2015

There are a variety of web conferencing tools available today, including one-on-one meetings, webcasts, and webinars. This listing focuses on the latter service—webinar platforms—which have improved significantly in recent years. Most webinar solutions today provide real-time audio and text messaging services, video streaming, live quizzes and surveys, and interactive presentations.

Virtual Vanguard
July 1, 2010

Web-based events and webinars make up an increasing part of the revenue pie for publishers looking to both satisfy sponsors and audiences, and lower overhead.

Webinar-related Products and Services
March 7, 2008

Here are a number of leading webinar-related solutions on the market: Accela Communications A marketing services firm with tools and services to produce and manage Web communications via on-demand rich media, Web-response-management tools and multimedia content. (508) 303-9709 Bulldog Solutions A lead-generation management and optimization firm focusing on generating leads through webinars and podcasts. (877) 402-9199 Intellor Group Inc. A full-service multimedia company specializing in webinars, webcasts and multimedia programs. (301) 208-6766 Internap Network Services A provider of performance network services, and streaming video and rich media advertising. (800) 254-7554 Netbriefings A provider of large, broadcast-style Web