How Medium Is Trying to Bring Back the Web We Lost
December 2, 2014

The idea for The Message bore out of the observation that Medium had a somewhat unique commenting system that very few users were capitalizing on. "We launched a collaboration layer a long time ago where we could share a link to a draft layer and people could comment on it," Hansen explained. "You could get feedback before you publish it. It was a cool idea, but we weren't seeing a ton of engagement around that, so I thought what if we could create a model for people so they could see what it looks like when

Technorati Report Says Most Marketers Expect Social Ad Spending To Go Up 40 Percent This Year
February 5, 2013

Technorati has released a new Digital Influence Report, and the big theme (probably not surprising coming from a blog and social media ad network) is that most online marketing dollars aren’t being directed to the “blogs and influencers” where they could have the greatest effect. At the same, social ad spending is expected to increase significantly this year.

The company previously released annual State of the Blogosphere reports, but starting this year it’s expanding the report’s scope to include social media — hence the change in name. The company says that it surveyed 1,200 consumers,

B-to-B M&A Activity Down; Consumer Segment Flat

November 1, 2009

M&A activity among b-to-b companies fell in number of deals by 45% and total value by 87% through the first three quarters of 2009 vs. the same period of 2008. Deals for consumer magazines fell just slightly—by 6% in total number and just 1% in total value.

Get Your Web Site Rated #1 and Boost Traffic by a Million Vistors
August 7, 2007

I often read Scott Karp’s Publishing 2.0 blog. Although I don’t always agree with him, his posts are insightful and entertaining. When Scott pointed out last week that all blogs at Technorati were rated number one, I couldn’t help but think about the Alexas, MarketLeaps and TrafficEstimate.coms of the world and how utterly bogus these types of rankings are.

I also was shocked recently when I learned that e-media guru Eric Shanfelt was including these services in his upcoming “Online Metrics Demystified” guide. Eric, who is a consultant and trainer after spending the past five years in three different positions at