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SXSW Round-Up: Remembering Carr, Digital Detox, And an Epic Panel Fail
March 16, 2015

Capital New York reports from the 2015 South by Southwest Interactive festival, which kicked off Friday and concludes Tuesday. Here's the highlights from all things media at SXSW.

GUARDIAN FINANCIALS: During the Q&A portion of a conversation at the Sheraton moderated by NPR "On the Media Host" Bob Garfield, Guardian U.S. chief executive Eamonn Store said the three-and-a-half-year-old American arm of the U.K.-basedGuardian will be profitable within three years, a projection that will no doubt raise the skepticism antennas of media watchers.

Can First Look Media Make Headlines That Aren't About Itself?
December 4, 2014

When a crusading but conflict-averse billionaire bankrolls several of journalism's most prominent mavericks to create a hard-nosed investigative news organization, it's a recipe for turmoil. eBay founder Pierre Omidyar's differences with First Look Media staff have been all over the press. Two top hires are out the door. Sarah Ellison asks whether First Look Media can make headlines that aren't about itself.

AP Will Use Robots to Write Some Business Stories
June 30, 2014

AP will announce Monday that it plans to use automation technology from a company called Automated Insights to produce stories about earnings reports. The software means that "instead of providing 300 stories manually, we can provide up to 4,400 automatically for companies throughout the United States each quarter," AP Managing Editor Lou Ferrara writes in a Q&A.

That does not mean job cuts or less coverage, Ferrara writes: "If anything, we are doubling down on the journalism we will do around earnings reports and business coverage."

Vice Has Many Media Giants Salivating, but Its Terms Will Be Rich
June 25, 2014

Mr. Murdoch's 21st Century Fox owns a small stake in Vice, and he was visiting Brooklyn to meet with Vice's chief executive, Shane Smith. Among the topics at hand was a rumor that Vice was negotiating to collaborate with, and perhaps sell a large stake to, one of Fox's competitors, Time Warner.

Fox is discussing a deal with Vice, too. So is Disney. Any agreement is likely to value Vice, which started as a free magazine in Montreal in 1994, at $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion. A partnership could take many shapes.

Ezra Klein Is Joining Vox Media as Web Journalism Asserts Itself
January 29, 2014

After a week of speculation, it turns out that Ezra Klein, the prolific creator of The Washington Post's Wonkblog, will be going to Vox Media, the online home of SB Nation, a sports site, and The Verge, a fast-growing technology site.

His change of address could be read as the latest parable of Old Media cluelessness - allowing a journalism asset to escape who will come back to haunt them - or as another instance of a star journalist cashing in on name-brand success. But it's more complicated than that.

Bauer Criticized for Magazines Glorifying Nazi Regime
August 9, 2013

The heat is on Bauer Media over its publication of Der Landser, the magazine that celebrates "heroism" by Nazi troops. I reported yesterday that Ofcom has been asked to reconsider Bauer's right to broadcasting licences. Now evidence has come to light about more of its magazines that appear to glorify Adolf Hitler's soldiers. They areGeschichte & Wissen (History & Knowledge) and Militär & Geschichte(Military & History).

All three magazines were cited as "legitimising the Nazi regime" in a letter sent in February to the German government by Abraham Foxman,director of the US Anti-Defamation League.

Reddit co-founder dies in NY weeks before trial
January 13, 2013

The family of a Reddit co-founder is blaming prosecutors for his suicide just weeks before he was to go on trial on federal charges that he stole millions of scholarly articles.

Aaron Swartz hanged himself in his Brooklyn apartment Friday night, his family and authorities said. The 26-year-old had fought to make online content free to the public and as a teenager helped create RSS, a family of Web feed formats used to gather updates from blogs, news headlines, audio and video for users.

In 2011, he was charged with stealing millions of scientific journals from a computer archive at MIT

PaidContent Founder Raises $500,000 for New Travel Site Skift
July 30, 2012

With his first media startup, Rafat Ali built a site in PaidContent that chronicled the evolution of online-content economics. Now with his new site Skift, he's hoping to take the best of different business models to build a well-diversified media site targeting the massive travel industry.

Mr. Ali has raised about $500,000 for the venture from 17 angel investors, including former Myspace co-president Jason Hirschhorn, former Wall Street Journal publisher Gordon Crovitz and Associated Content founder Luke Beatty.

Question for a C.E.O.: What Is Yahoo?
July 23, 2012

What is Yahoo? That straightforward question has so far baffled the people who run the company.

I got a taste of the fuzziness when I visited Carol Bartz, then the chief executive, back in 2010. She was funny, profane and articulate, except on the question of what the company is. After five minutes of listening to her I still had no idea. Seventeen years after the company was founded, you still have to wonder whether the frothy trademark Yahoo! should be replaced with Yahoo? to convey the uncertainty of purpose.

NY Times, CBS, others fix stories that featured fake expert Ryan Holiday
July 19, 2012

Corrections machines at various outlets got a workout after Ryan Holiday burned multiple news organizations by posing as an expert on various topics.

On Reuters, he became the poster child for “Generation Yikes.” On ABC News, he was one of a new breed of long-suffering insomniacs. At CBS, he made up an embarrassing office story, at MSNBC he pretended someone sneezed on him while working at Burger King. At, he offered helpful tips for winterizing your boat.