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Apple Watch Gets Another Media App: The Economist
March 30, 2015

The Economist -- a dense, erudite weekly magazine based in London -- is opening up shop on Apple Watch, where subscribers to the magazine's digital edition will be able to listen to Economist articles.

In a statement this morning, the magazine said: "Subscribers to The Economist app will be able to control playback of the audio edition using the newly launched Apple Watch. These functions include the ability to play, pause, skip ahead to the next track, rewind for 15 seconds, modify playback speed, and change to a different weekly edition."

Why Europe’s Publishers Have Embraced Programmatic Co-ops
March 20, 2015

Pangaea, the Guardian's new programmatic alliance, may have turned heads in the U.S., but it's nothing new for publishers in Europe.

With the deal, The Economist, Financial Times and CNN International and others have all agreed to combine their collective programmatic inventory and data, giving them the kind of scale and data that they wouldn't get otherwise. The hope is that will attract advertisers, boost CPMs, and make them more competitive with the likes of Facebook and Google.

Inside GigaOm’s VC-Driven Demise
March 12, 2015

Tech media eulogized one of its own on Tuesday when GigaOm abruptly announced it had run out of money and was ceasing operations after eight years. GigaOm had a big-name founder, blogger Om Malik, and loads of money ($22 million) from VC backers, and was seemingly on the march, snapping up PaidContent in 2012. According to the site, it reached 6.5 million monthly unique visitors. The company employed 75 people as of 2014, with 16 editorial staffers.

Tearing Down the Chinese Wall - How The Economist Invented Espresso
March 11, 2015

Last November, The Economist did something unprecedented in its 172 year history by launching its first-ever daily edition - The Economist Espresso app. Marketed as an "espresso shot of global analysis", it seems to be doing well nearly half a year on according to deputy editor Tom Standage.

Speaking at DMS 2015, Standage said that the app is going on for 600,000 downloads, with a weekly reach of 200,000 readers: "I wanted to do a daily version of what The Economist does on a weekly basis. [It's] an antidote to information overload.

Should Brands Focus on Apple More than Android Mobile Readers?
February 9, 2015

Apple must be revelling in their success with 74.4 million iPhones sold in the three months to 27 December 2014, generating an annual revenue of $74.6 billion and achieving a record quarterly net profit of $18bn.

With Apple reporting figures like this it's tempting for developers to think that creating apps for Android devices aren't worth the time spent, especially with iPhone users spending on average four times more than their Android counterparts. So why should you spend the time and resource on creating your app for a whole bunch of Android devices


Bloomberg Forced to Postpone Its Latest Business Launch
January 21, 2015

Bloomberg LP suffered a PR black eye this week when the company, built on a finely tuned tech chassis, postponed its newest Bloomberg Business product launch.

No reason was given for the delay.

The company shook up its editorial leadership last month with the hiring of The Economist's Editor John Micklethwait to replace Matt Winkler, who was just shy of 25 years at the helm of former Mayor Mike Bloomberg's company.

Quartz's Digital Media Strategy Begins to Crystallize
January 13, 2015

When Atlantic Media introduced business-news publication Quartz in September 2012, it spent about $10 million on the launch, according to people familiar with the matter. That's a far cry from the more than $100 million Condé Nast dropped in 2007 rolling out its glossy business magazine, Portfolio. After just two years, amid stiff economic headwinds, Portfolio folded.

Unlike Portfolio, Quartz is digital only -- existing purely as a web and mobile site. Two years after its introduction, Quartz has surpassed 10 million monthly readers in the U.S.,

Bloomberg Business Readies for Davos with Jan. 20 Debut
January 5, 2015

January 20 is shaping up to be a big day for Bloomberg L.P.

That's the date that's been chosen to unveil the company's much-anticipated flagship media portal, Bloomberg Business, according to sources with knowledge of the plans, just in time for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Assuming the launch isn't pushed back, as it has been twice already, it will be a key moment in the company's ambitions for broader influence within the consumer media space

Behind the Daily Paywall: The Site that Pays You to Read Pirated Articles
December 23, 2014

The ​Daily Paywall is a new website that's loaded with tens of thousands of pirated articles from some of the world's top paywalled newspapers, and its proprietor will pay you to read them.

Anyone who's spent any amount of time online knows what it's like to hit a paywall-you click the link, get a prompt to subscribe for access, perhaps experience a brief pang of disappointment, shrug, and move on your way. Thousands of bits of reportage and information remain sealed off.

News Roundups Can Be Part of a Smart Media Diet
December 15, 2014

Each morning around 3:30am, Adeel Hassan and Victoria Shannon start reading and summarizing the day's top news. By 5am, they have a completed draft of major world events, upcoming NYC happenings, what's happening with the markets, what's noteworthy, and a short backstory on an interesting topic (the softer news was planned ahead of time). Shannon edits it, sends it to the copydesk, and by 6am it's published on the NYT Now app. By 6:30am, it's in subscriber inboxes as "Your Morning Briefing" by The New York Times.