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Profiting From Information Overload
May 1, 2013

As publishers, we have an interesting and increasingly complex relationship with technology. Till the end of the twentieth century, it was our best friend, but now as technology moves forward, it sometimes seems to threaten us as if it was our worst enemy.

This Debate's Positively Cerebral
January 1, 2013

I heard the following conversation the other day, and it sure seemed worth repeating to my readers. It was a discussion between the right brain and the left brain of a large publishing head. For the uninitiated readers the left-brain is often said to be more logical, analytical and objective, while the right-brain is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective.

The Bleeding Edge
September 1, 2012

It has come to my attention that magazine publishers are possibly missing the revenue boat of a lifetime. This epiphany came to me when last shopping for razor blades. I was reaching for my usual brand of Schick Mach 3 blades when I just had to stop, stunned at the shear marketing brilliance (pun intended) of the entire razor blade industry.

The Real Secret to Publishing Success
May 1, 2012

In any given year, I give about a dozen “talks” about the publishing industry. Sometimes it is to interested companies and sometimes it is to the industry at large during publishing conventions and conferences. Last month I had the privilege to speak at SIPA (Specialized Information Publishers Association).

A Paine-ful Lesson
March 1, 2012

These are the times that try a traditional publisher's soul. And the terror of the tablet and usury of the 30 percent demands on traditional profit will not be fading anytime soon.

Mr. Magazine Interviews: The Future of the Printed Word in a Digital Age
January 12, 2012

The Magazine Innovation Center at The University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism hosted the ACT 2 Experience last October. We asked 17 media experts who attended the ACT2 Experience their opinions about the future of the printed word in a digital age. Click on the link above to watch and listen to the experts’ answer to the question “What is the future of the printed word in a digital age?”

The Continuance of 
Computer Ubiquity
January 1, 2012

I attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January to see what electronic implications would further affect our ever-changing industry. What I discovered is not so much a new technology, but the start of a thought process in what I consider the inevitable next digital chapter. As you might guess, CES is filled with electronic gadgets from the smallest imaginable to the largest possible with today's advanced manufacturing techniques.

The Benefit of 
Tracking Trends
November 1, 2011

The tip that I would like to discuss with you in this annual tips and tricks issue is the concept of trend analysis. It is a simple formula for calculating predictable actions. It can be used for damn-near anything, not just the market.

The End of Communication As We Know It
September 1, 2011

In the past decade or so, our business has fundamentally changed so as to be almost unrecognizable to former participants and past industry giants.