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5 Tips and Tricks for Stress-Free Success
December 1, 2005

Simple but powerful tactics that BoSacks believes will ensure that you find success in your job and have fun while doing it. In this age of magazine marketing, there is a repetitive plethora of passionate things that magazines do to lift circulation, and drive old and new readership to the coveted printed page. Circulators swear to me that this dark magic works. So as not to be a stick in the mud and an accused nonbeliever in the psycho-circulation alchemy of magazine distribution, I am going to create my own BoSacks' list of tips and tricks for magazine professionals. This list contains tried-and-true methods honed

Embracing a Parallel Universe
October 1, 2005

As the publisher of America's oldest e-newsletter, I've been involved in online journalism for about 13 years. Before that, I had a very traditional career working at newspapers, magazines, printers and even a stint at a local radio station. I can't tell you how often I've been asked if I think printed publications will eventually be replaced by digital media delivery. The quick answer is "No." Digital will not be replacing print. Not in the near future anyway. But it will work side by side for a while, and woe to any publisher that doesn't embrace the concept of a parallel universe. Now let's talk about the changes

Magazine Accountability at Long Last
August 1, 2005

There was a news report recently released by Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) that announced the company's plans to begin testing a promising new technology that can literally print interactive microchips on any printed page. That technology (RFID) is already widely used in a variety of other everyday applications. Using a process originally developed by the MIT Media Laboratory, MRI will begin testing whether RFID tags printed onto magazine pages can be used for magazine-audience measurement. That is an event of which the publishing business in the 21st century is sorely in need. For several years, we have suffered from a condition that I call

PrintMedia Conference & Expo Draws Top Executives
June 1, 2005

Despite a run-in with a snowstorm for the second year in a row, the PrintMedia Conference and Expo, held in conjunction with the BookTech Conference and Expo, drew nearly two thousand publishing industry executives to the Hilton New York on March 7-9. A New Setup The Conference and Expo started with a new twist. Day one, which in past years featured the keynote and the opening of the exhibit floor, was set-up day for Expo exhibitors this year, while conference attendees filed into the meeting rooms for day-one sessions. The first session of the conference was a hit among magazine and catalog publishers,

A New Benchmark for the Top Magazine Printers
June 1, 2005

In the January/February issue of PrintMedia, there was an article listing the "Top 25 Magazine Printers." The criteria for determining who was at the top of the list was revenue. That is all fine and good, but what if the criteria we looked at was something else? How about a common, secret concept that we all have and hold? Common, yet something that nobody really talks about. This thought process is as of yet an unregistered and untested new kind of industry criteria or benchmark. But, if we could identify it, I wonder who would be at the top? Using this benchmark, dollars do

A Fork in the Road
April 1, 2005

Adaptation is one of the keys to survival. Without adaptation we would still be in the treetops hanging from our tails. Without adaptation we don't grow. In fact, without adaptation we become extinct. This is just as true in the corporate world as it is in the biological world. Some examples you ask? How about Wells Fargo—the trusty, old stagecoach company now morphed into a global banker? How about the teamsters? When is the last time you saw a teamster lead a team of horses. Not in almost 100 years. Yet, they are still here and still perform the same function as the first teamsters—they are

Bosacks' BobLog, the Big Picture
February 1, 2005

Tell me something. When was the last time a publisher went to his printer and offered to pay more for his contracted printing pricing due to the fact that he was making more money than he expected when the contract was written? When was the last time a publisher raised his rate card and offered to share some of the increased revenue with his vendors? When, in living history, has a business searching for increased efficiencies passed those hard-fought and expensive out-of-pocket "savings" back to the customer, leaving the business exactly where it started before the efficiencies were "discovered"? OK, what is this