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Publishing Executive Top 20 Magazine Printers 2014
December 1, 2014

Ranking of largest magazine printers in the U.S. and Canada is based on each company's revenue earned within the magazine sector. This data was compiled by our sister publication Printing Impressions. Some notable organizations, such as RR Donnelley, choose not to disclose financial information on a per-sector basis.

Practicing What They Preach
February 1, 2004

McGraw-Hill's BusinessWeek magazine brings its legacy print order system into the modern era, reaping a one-year 100% retrun on investment in the process. It was early 2001, the height of 'dot-com' euphoria. BusinessWeek magazine was then, as now, one of the most influential business publications. Millions of readers turned to its pages every week, steeped with tales of corporate stars exploiting the latest technologies to rewrite the rules of business. But while BusinessWeek's writers were telling the world of the latest software marvels, BusinessWeek's production staff was living in the past. Circulation was working with a 20-year-old, mostly manual system. BW's sales and

Production Executives To Be Inducted Into PI/RIT Hall of Fame
September 1, 2002

(Philadelphia, PA - March 2002)—Four exceptional production executives will be inducted into the Printing Impressions/Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Industry Hall of Fame at the 15th Annual Gold Ink Awards Reception and Banquet, to be held October 7, 2002, in the McCormick Place Grand Ballroom during GRAPH EXPO, Chicago, IL. For seating availability, contact Michael Cooper at 888-627-2630 or mcooper@napco.com. DONALD BELCHER is chairman of Banta Corporation.  Prior to joining the Menasha, WI, printer in 1995, Belcher spent 24 years with Avery Dennison. When the opportunity to take the helm at Banta presented itself, it fulfilled Belcher's dream of leading a publicly held

Customized for Quality
September 1, 1999

McMurry Publishing is tailoring its workflow for CTP production of finely crafted syndicated magazines and custom publications While McMurry Publishing displays remarkable flexibility and resiliency when taking on new projects—and as it adapts its production workflow accordingly—the Phoenix-based custom publisher is constant and uncompromising with regard to its quality standards. "Quality is one of our hallmarks," emphasizes Preston V. McMurry Jr., the company's president and chairman. "The people at McMurry will never hear me say that we're spending too much; however, they have heard me say that (something we're working on) looks like crap and that I won't attach my name to