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The Top 30 Book Manufacturers
June 1, 2004

It's not likely a big surprise that Quebecor World held fast to its No. 1 spot among the Top Book Manufacturers—ranked by book-manufacturing revenue—in the United States and Canada. With a $36 million lead over R.R. Donnelley, and a $273 million lead over third-ranked Von Hoffmann Corp., Quebecor World isn't likely to lose its position anytime soon. Both top seeds, however, saw book revenue drop in 2003. In fact, revenue for three of the top five sank by a total of nearly $130 million. Arvato Print USA (a division of Bertelsmann) and Von Hoffmann were the only two in the top five

Hotly Anticipated BookTech East Highlights
January 2, 2001

Would you like to stay on the cutting edge? Attend BookTech East, North America's largest book technology exhibition, February 12-14, 2001 at Hilton New York Hotel & Towers and you will master critical production, prepress, printing and electronic media issues; learn from free technology showcase seminars; stay on track in the rapidly growing e-book arena; and discover the latest book services and products in the market. BookTech East is a conference and exhibition for all members of the book publishing team, including executives, managers, directors and supervisors. This year, a new e-BookTech Pavilion will feature the latest technologies, products and services in the

Making the Grade
December 11, 2000

The usual cries about missing homework didn't apply to thousands of Florida high school students this year, even though one book publisher was in danger of flunking math class. School administrators throughout the state worried that New York City-based AMSCO, a popular scholastic publisher, wouldn't supply necessary textbooks to more than 15,000 students in several school districts. With only two weeks to produce, print and ship the much-needed math books, the assignment was a daunting one for AMSCO. That's why, according to Joseph Campanella, AMSCO's director of manufacturing, production and design, the desperate publisher turned to a printer for help. And thanks to Phoenix

The Pressue of Success
May 1, 1999

Putnam Publishing Group knows a thing or two about fast turnaround. Getting an impeccable-looking bestseller out on time often proves to be a challenge, particularly when a project involves a world-famous author and longer print runs. Despite the pressure of strict deadlines, publishing three recent bestselling hardcovers—Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy, Point of Origin by Patricia Cornwell and The Courage to Be Rich: Creating A Life of Spiritual and Material Abundance by Suze Orman—was handled gracefully by the New York City-based Putnam Publishing Group and book manufacturing vendor Phoenix Color, Hagerstown, MD. Supply and demand According to Bill Peabody, Putnam's production director, approximately

When It Absolutely Has to Be There Over Lunch
April 1, 1998

"EVERYBODY wants time, but time is a pretty elusive thing to hold on to," observes Lee Stocking, business development manager for remote proofing at Imation, Oakdale, MN, "especially when the FedEx truck left at five o'clock and you still have five pages to complete." Imation is one of a few companies helping printers, vendors and publishers realize the benefits of time management that are afforded through remote proofing. Overnight delivery services such as FedEx save the industry days and have changed the pace of business. But, despite FedEx's recent addition of Sunday delivery, many companies find that 'till 10 a.m. is too long