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BookTech Conference to Feature Top Industry Executives
December 1, 2005

"The book publishing industry is undergoing a major transformation, and book publishing executives at every level are constantly facing new roles and responsibilities. Everyone is trying to figure out how to create new revenue opportunities and take advantage of evolving publishing technologies, from repurposing content in multiple media to implementing successful multi-channel marketing and reaching readers through nontraditional means," says Noelle Skodzinski, BookTech Magazine's editor in chief. "The 2006 BookTech Conference & Expo has been designed to give book publishing executives practical solutions they can apply today to their businesses in all of these new areas." Because of the significant changes the industry has gone

Managing Contracts, Permissions and Royalties
September 1, 2005

Moving toward the utopian paperless operation, book publishers benefit from streamlining front-office operations. Digital workflow technologies have changed the way books are created, produced and printed. Now, digital tools are beginning to spark some interest in other areas of the publishing organization—specifically, to better manage the wealth of information surrounding rights, royalties and contracts a publishing company amasses. Nick Allen, vice president of marketing and sales of Quality Solutions Inc., an integrated publishing software and business solutions provider, recalls recent conversations with a woman who manages contracts for a medium-sized publisher. "She lives with this problem every single day," he says. "I can