Wright's Reprints

On Second Thought …
December 1, 2009

With many magazine publishers struggling to offset ad revenue declines, reprints and content licensing have become even more important to the bottom line. Making them even more attractive is that generating revenue in this area can take very little time or financial investment. In some respects, it's viewed as free money.

Tips for Selling More Reprints
June 1, 2005

Is your reprints program just not cutting the mustard? You're not alone. Many publishers struggle with maximizing this area of their businesses. But you can take some immediate steps to turn your reprint program into a profit center. The first thing that Reprint Management Services (RMS), a company that helps publishers boost reprint sales, does when a publisher comes to them for help is to look at the publisher's print and online content to gauge where the publisher is now compared to where they could be with reprint sales, says Michael Biggerstaff, president of RMS. One way RMS does this is by

Reprints Gain Clout As Profit-Pushers
August 1, 2004

For years, publishers have treated reprints like a shy little cousin—always invited to the party, but never a big part of the conversation. In today's digital world, however, reprints are bringing in the bucks, earning them a seat at the big people's table. Reprints have, for the most part, long been a profitable part of business for most publishers. But, today, moving from analog to digital files that can be easily customized, shared and tracked online has opened up new revenue opportunities. Many large publishers outsource their reprint efforts, relying on marketing companies to assume the task of extracting the maximum value