Xerox Corp.

New Study to Examine E-Paper's Potential in Graphic Arts
October 1, 2005

HARRISVILLE, RI (PRWEB) -- October 24, 2005 -- Strategies for Management, Inc. has announced a new research initiative, "E-Paper Technology and Opportunities in Publishing, Communications, and the Graphic Arts." The research team will investigate the current state of e-paper technologies and their prospects for commercialization. They will analyze potential effects on published, Internet-based, and printed communications as well as labeling and packaging, and everyday products where images, information, and data are visually displayed. E-Paper represents the potential to be a significant disruptive event, creating new applications, opportunities and challenges in its wake. The project will be led by Dr. Joseph Webb, recognized publishing guru

Industry CEOs Commit to Environmentally Friendly Business
September 1, 2005

Publishing Industry Companies Among First to Commit to Environmentally Friendly Business Strategies Washington, DC -- Seeking to leverage the power of business as a force for good, Business Roundtable (an association of CEOs of leading corporations with a combined workforce of more than 10 million employees and $4 trillion in annual revenues) this week launched a sustainable growth initiative encouraging leading U.S. companies to embrace business strategies and projects that measurably improve Society, the Environment and the Economy. The initiative, called S.E.E. Change, encourages CEOs to commit to business strategies that combine traditional corporate goals of higher profit and lower cost with a strong

The Print Council Director to Address Executive Outlook Forum
August 1, 2005

GREENWICH, Conn. -- The Print Council announced executive director Martin Maloney will speak at the "Executive Outlook 2005" meeting on Thursday, Sept. 8th, the day before the opening of the Print 05 show. Maloney is scheduled to be the fourth speaker after Conference Chairman Bill Lamparter commences the program at 8:00 am, and opening remarks from commentary leaders Thomas Wetjen (vice president, Worldwide Graphic Arts Industry Business, Xerox) and Marcel Kiessling (president, Heidelberg Americas). Maloney's remarks will focus upon The Print Council's recent activities and the business of campaigning to sell the value of print. "Most people would agree that Executive Outlook is an

Creo Ships Prinergy Version 3.0 Prepress Workflow Solution
May 1, 2005

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Creo Inc. (NASDAQ: CREO; TSX: CRE) is now shipping the most significant upgrade ever for Prinergy, the innovative and flexible prepress workflow management solution that leverages the power of PDF and JDF (Job Definition Format). Version 3.0 features major developments in automation that bring great value to commercial printers. The Prinergy 3.0 workflow management system also features a faster, more flexible digital print integration that allows the same print job to be produced by either or both offset or digital printing. An intuitive new user interface enhances ease-of-use and integrates automatic imposition with Preps software.

Xerox, 50 Years and 16,000 Patents Later
April 1, 2005

Did you know that Xerox Corp. has more than 16,000 U.S. patents granted? As a frame of reference, an average of 22,667 patents are granted per year in the United States, based on a reported 1.7 million patents granted over the past 75 years. Xerox's per-year average over the course of its 50 years in business translates to 320. In 2004, the document-management technology and services company secured 520 patents. It also employs 58,100 employees worldwide, with 32,100 of those employees located in the United States. In the world of print media, Xerox has been among the leaders in the industry with such

A Graph Expo Wrap-Up You Won't Want to Miss
December 1, 2004

The exhibits filled a space larger than seven football fields inside McCormick Place in Chicago, Oct. 10-13. Tens of thousands of Graph Expo and Converting Expo attendees weaved in and out of aisles in search of products and technologies to help them streamline workflow, maximize efficiency and improve quality. While the show is geared primarily toward printers, a number of exhibitors unveiled products for the printers' customers as well, and some companies announced big news. Some Pluses for the Publishing and Agency Creative Department Quark Inc. announced the release of QuarkXPress 6.5 that will enable users to import native Adobe Photoshop documents (PSD

If Buddy Holly Were in Print Production
October 1, 2004

There's Buddy Holly. There's Elvis Presley. There's Hank Aaron … Reggie Jackson … Nadia Comaneci, and Annika Sorenstam. And, now there's Elizabeth Doble … Andy Mickus… Martha Rhodes … and Tracy Windrum. While rock and roll, baseball, gymnastics, golf and print production may be more than a few worlds apart, they all share a common thread: a hall of fame. And all of these names belong to the "greats" of these industries. In any field, a hall of fame is a way to recognize those who have achieved an outstanding level of success and contributed a significant amount to their industry—whatever it

Tips for Printing with digital Paper
August 1, 2004

A familiar process in the business world, digital printing has moved at a slower pace across the commercial printing world. But, while it still has its limitations in this market, it also has its appeal, namely a result of the current interest in variable data printing and speed at short-run, quality production. Marketing and circulation departments are certainly exploring its benefits, and a number of catalogs and even magazines are putting it to use. Because digital printing and digital paper are still relatively new phenomena in the industry, many production managers aren't familiar with the characteristics of digital paper and how to use it,

This Is Print
April 1, 2004

Everyone who has worked with color proofs knows that proofing systems are fundamentally flawed. A color proofer represents the output of the offset press. Logic tells us the ideal proof comes from the same press as the final piece: a 'press proof'. Ideally, it would also be a sample piece—an actual bound book, folded collateral, or multi-piece direct mail vehicle—rather than a color swatch, mock-up, or comp. The high cost of offset make-ready and short-run printing make on-press proofing virtually impossible on an offset press. But with digital color presses, it's not only possible … it's happening for high-quality applications. One example: the perfect-bound book

The Next Level in Print Production
April 1, 2004

There's no shortage of acronyms in the print industry. We have cap, PD., PPD, XML, SVG, POD, BOD, and many more. One of the most recent additions to the industry's vernacular is JDF. JDF, short for 'job definition format', is neither an application nor product. Rather, it is a vendor-neutral way to format data based on XML, the extensible markup language. The industry group behind JDF is CIP4, a-k-a the International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress. This consortium of print industry movers and shakers—which includes everyone from equipment manufacturers to software developers, to printers and their clients—built on CIP3's PPF