Xerox Corp.

Taking Chances with One-to-One Communications
September 1, 1999

For printer and customer, taking a chance with variable-data digital printing made all the difference in the world. In the fall of 1998, Discover Color (a prepress, image management and print firm based in McFarland, WI) found itself amidst all the "buzz" about variable-data printing. Discover Color was not alone in its speculation about what the future of personalized printing would hold. Suppliers and print buyers were curious about the viability of variable-data-generated print-on-demand documents. It was in 1998 that Jim Sullivan, president and CEO, Discover Color, began to ponder the idea of providing personalized print services for his customers. Sullivan realized

Keeping Tabs on Supply and Demand
June 1, 1998

Educational publisher Labyrinth Publications responds to its growing success with the implementation of new technologies and services. WHO HASN'T considered making a radical career change at some point in his or her life? But how many people have the guts to take the plunge? Brian Favro had what it takes: desire and determination. "I went through a career change in the early '90s and I decided to get into teaching computers," Favro recalls. "I found, however, that I wasn't very happy with the materials I was using in the classroom, so I started writing my own handouts." Thus marked the beginning of what is