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Synthetic Paper, Environment's Freind or Foe
February 1, 2005

Synthetic paper. A bit of an enigma, and a looming possibility for publishers to consider. But a clear view of this curious material often is clouded with skepticism of its potential for use. In the May/June 2004 issue of BookTech Magazine, the article "The 'Virtually Indestructible' Book" made some waves among readers. The article delved into the deep synthetic-paper abyss, exploring some book projects that have opted or could opt for synthetic paper over "real" paper, such as cookbooks, lifeguarding manuals, boating books, maps, gardening books, emergency preparedness guides, children's books and especially bathtub books. Any book that needs to be durable and possibly

Is Synthetic Paper Worth Considering?
June 1, 2004

Even though it's not brand-new to the publishing market, synthetic paper is, among the publishing industry, sort of the new kid in class. We don't know him very well, he acts a little differently than the kids we're used to, and we already have friends, so why take the time to get to know him? As usually happens to the new kid in class, though, one outgoing stranger befriends him and quickly becomes his best pal, and little by little, we'll all get to know him—liking or disliking aside. A few publishers have taken on the outgoing-stranger role and tried this new