The Innovators: Publishers focus on quality content to cut through the noise.
April 1, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Today's innovators are those who are adept at building clear communication channels-and brands and revenue streams-despite all the noise we are currently enduring. Publishers still have to be creative and serve their audiences-that's a given-but from the discussions we had with the five publishers featured in this special feature, fighting distraction and finding focus is the real challenge.

The iPad, 4 Years Today, Was Introduced – And the Tablet Publishing Platform Was Born
January 30, 2014

In the last Wednesday of January, 2010, Steve Jobs strolled out on stage in San Francisco and introduced the iPad, confirming rumors that Apple's new tablet would not be called the iSlate. TNM, just four weeks old, said that the iPad "should kill off the whole netbook category" and that has proved to be pretty much correct.

The iPad was priced far more competitively than many tech observers had guessed - $499 at the entry level.

Top of Mind for Publishers in 2014: Mobile, Video & Diversified Revenues
January 6, 2014

2013 was another fast-moving year full of exciting changes and innovations for digital content producers and consumers. Creating compelling and engaging content has become a top priority for brands and agencies as storytelling took center stage.

As the president of the Online Publishers Association, I spend a lot of time talking to our members and those in leadership roles across the industry- a unique vantage point to witness the evolution of digital content and to see what's driving the industry forward.

Zinio Continues Drive to Add Public Libraries to Its Digital Magazine Service
November 11, 2013

Magazine publishers will not have to beat it out of Dodge, at least not their digital editions, as the digital newsstand service Zinio has announced a deal with the Dodge City Public Library system.

The announcement follows a string of similar announcements made over the past month or two as the digital newsstand service announces one public library system after another adding its digital magazine service, called Zinio Digital Magazines for Libraries.

Magvault Seeks to Address the Growing Issue of Digital Magazine Discoverability
November 7, 2013

The issue of app discoverability becomes more important each day as more and more titles are launching into the Apple Newsstand, Google Play, Amazon.com, Zinio, Magzter... you name it. One new company is trying to address the issue, at least in the U.K.

Magvault, which will formally launch on November 18, seeks to help readers find digital magazine by showing the titles available on the major digital newsstands in one location. Readers can search the site by title, category or app store

Rogers Removes Magazines from Zinio in Canadian Libraries
November 5, 2013

Visitors to Canadian libraries will no longer have access to free digital magazines from Canada's largest publisher. Magazines Canada, an industry trade group, advised Canadian publishers to walk away from an agreement with the company whose software makes the publications available because of delivery problems. Rogers Media complied, and its magazines are no longer available on the popular Zinio app.

Zinio Now Offers Any 3 Magazines For $5 a Month
August 23, 2013

Magazine junkies on a budget, you might just flip over this. The Zinio app - which lets you read more than 5,500 digital magazines on any platform - is now offering a subscription model that costs $5/month for any three of your favorite magazines. Not bad, considering many of the magazines cost $4.99 for a single issue, such as T3, Car and Driver, PC Gamer, Rolling Stone, Esquire and National Geographic. Some magazines cost less -- such as $3.99 per issue for Cosmo, Us Weekly, Wine Access and TV Guide

Time Inc. Is First Multi-Title Publisher For GfK MRI Starch Digital Service
July 18, 2013

New York, NY, July 17, 2013 - Magazine publisher Time Inc. has signed on as the first multi-title publisher client of GfK MRI Starch Digital, the syndicated service that measures the readership and effectiveness of digital advertising in consumer magazines.

In May 2011, Starch Digital began measuring magazine readers of digital publications to build a database of ad effectiveness metrics. To date, Starch has measured consumer recall of, and response to, more than 75,450 digital ads across 2,200 issues of consumer magazines on Tablets, eReaders and in electronic reproductions, such as Zinio and Coverleaf.

The newsonomics of Hearst Magazines’ one million new customers
June 13, 2013

Most publishers are concentrating on milking more revenue out of existing customers. Hearst is focused on building a new native-to-digital audience.

Take this quiz. The era of paying for digital access (a.k.a. digital circulation or paywalls) is about:

Getting more money out of core subscribers;
Getting new money out of new subscribers; or
Getting money any way you can.

The State of Magazines on the iPad: a Giant Mess
June 5, 2013

About a year ago, I decided, perhaps like many others, to go all digital with my magazine subscriptions. All the paper magazines my wife and I subscribed to were cluttering up the house and becoming a pain to dispose of in plastic trash bags. It was a grand experiment, and eco-friendly, to convert almost all to the iPad.

The experiment has not worked out as well as I'd hoped. The biggest problem for me has been the immediacy of the reading experience. It became painfully obvious last night when I was downloading the June issue of Scientific American.