April 2014


A Report from SXSW on The Future of Publishing

In March I attended South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX to see if I could find connections between emerging digital technology and the ever-changing world of magazine media consumption.

Garden & Gun Publisher Rebecca Darwin Discusses How She Created The New Yorker of the South

Garden & Gun today enjoys swiftly growing subscription and circulation numbers -- interestingly, 41% of its readership is located outside the Southeastern states-while its ecommerce site and busy schedule of events have led to healthy revenue streams. Below, Darwin discusses the unique personality of the magazine, and the management decisions that have kept it alive and thriving for seven years.

Google Authorship Alters Publisher-Author Dynamics

Google Authorship aims to link authors to their content across the web, leading to higher results for an author's articles on search engine result pages. Publishers can encourage their writers to use Google Authorship to build their own personal brand, and by default boosting publisher content.

How to Reach The Next Generation of Readers

Publishing Executive asked publishers and editors about the challenges of publishing for this audience-to print, the web, and mobile devices-and how they've been able to compel young readers to love to read magazines.

Something Old & Something New

The magazine -- the word and the thing -- is still getting the job done. And if there is any one lesson to be drawn from the stories of the many Innovators featured in this issue, it's that reinvention, and not iconoclasm alone, is what matters.

The Innovators: Publishers focus on quality content to cut through the noise.

Today's innovators are those who are adept at building clear communication channels-and brands and revenue streams-despite all the noise we are currently enduring. Publishers still have to be creative and serve their audiences-that's a given-but from the discussions we had with the five publishers featured in this special feature, fighting distraction and finding focus is the real challenge.

The Newsstand Supply Chain Is Broken. It's Time to Fix It.

Over the last six years, newsstand sales have declined by almost 38%. There are many factors for the falloff. The same category (celebrity titles) that fueled the sales gains in the early- to mid-2000s had the greatest negative impact on the sales decline from 2008 through the end of last year.

Will Emerging Standards And Specifications Help Us Normalize Digital Magazine Publishing?

There are currently three digital specifications for defining, packaging, and delivering magazine apps or content for tablets: Adobe's .folio (recently released for free license use), IDEAlliance's OpenEFT, and IDPF's EPUB 3.