February 2007 Issue


‘Searching’ for an Audience

The launch of Search Medica, a highly tailored search engine for health care professionals, signifies the entrance of United Business Media’s (UBM) publishing division into a new way of connecting its audience with both content and advertisers. Partnering with Convera, a provider of search technologies, the London-based business-to-business multimedia company’s new search solution will allow articles from its international publications—including Psychiatric Times—to be searchable alongside content from recommended medical sites for free. Henry Elkington, CEO of CMPMedica, UBM’s medical publishing division, talks with Publishing Executive about the new opportunities custom search engines, such as Search Medica, could generate for his company and the industry.

2007: The Online Video Era?

If collective consciousness has any power over the magazine publishing industry, nowhere is it more evident than in the pursuit of video content. During 2006, chatter about online video reached an all-time high at tradeshows as more publishers hopped onto the video bandwagon. As a result, last year became a build-up, working-out-the-kinks period for many. It was all in preparation for 2007—the year that some have dubbed as the official start of an online video era for magazine professionals. Sure, a few publishers were ahead of the game, and, certainly, others are straggling behind. When all is said and done, 2007 will see

5-Seconds With ...

Frank Anton, CEO, Hanley Wood LLC BACKGROUND: As head of one of the largest b-to-b companies in the country, Anton has been with Hanley Wood for 25 years as an editor and publisher, his first position as editor of Builder. BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Finding better ways to use e-media. BIGGEST PRIORITY: “Adjusting to the changes in our business.” INVESTING MOST HEAVILY IN: Search optimization and other aspects of e-media. Michael Carr, President, Greenspun Media Group BACKGROUND: Focused on the local and visitor experience in Las Vegas, Greenspun Media felt Carr’s background as president of Playboy Magazine and CEO of Weider would be a strong cultural match. BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Finding enough talented people

Advertising … Your Way

According to Andrew Weber, Farm Journal Media’s president and CEO, his company capitalizes heavily on data-driven custom advertising … both in advertorial-style approaches in the magazines to target audiences as well as in creative print units. “We have been doing intricate database management and custom [advertising] and production for magazines for over 20 years, and have extended that to TV and the Internet this decade,” he says. “We have a reputation for doing a number of publishing firsts with creative units … including embedding CD-ROMs of some television footage physically inside of a ‘pouch-type’ cover, talking ‘chips’ mounted to ROP [run of press] ads

Digital Editions Today: An Era When Customers Expect More

If you haven’t launched a digital edition of your publication(s), some would say you’re missing out on opportunities for building circulation and cutting postage costs. Many publishers have not only reached new subscribers with digital magazine formats, but they also have cut their mailing costs by converting some subscribers to digital and sending their promo lists the digital edition instead of the print magazine. For many others, their digital editions may be a couple of years out of the gate. In some cases, the technology solution purchased back then didn’t turn out to be ideal for their publication or audience, so they may be

Google Executive to Keynote Publishing Executive Conference and Expo

Publishing Executive magazine has announced Google’s Jim Gerber as keynote speaker for the 2007 Publishing Executive Conference and Expo, March 5-7, at the New York Marriott Marquis, Times Square. Gerber, content partnerships director at Google, will present the Keynote Address on Tuesday, March 6 at 9:15 a.m. The keynote address is open to all registered conference attendees. “We are thrilled to have Jim give the keynote address at the Publishing Executive Conference and Expo. There are few companies that have as profound an influence on publishing today as Google, so it’s a major boon for our audience of publishing executives to be able to

Living Life in Platform Neutral

Andrew Weber, president and CEO of Farm Journal Media, holds a firm mental blueprint of his company’s goals and mission for the future—a blueprint that reflects the continued utilization and advancement of the company’s multimedia platforms. Farm Journal Media develops cross-platform editorial content to cover any subject important to farmers and ranchers. Weber understands that content delivery methods are crucial, because when your content is delivered in a way that is inconvenient and unreliable to your customer, your content means nothing. And he practices what he preaches. Farm Journal is not only growing its digital products significantly—from the Web to TV—but its print

M&A Boomtown: How Long Will It Last?

Last year marked a blockbuster year for mergers and acquisitions throughout the publishing industry. The business-to-business magazine publishing market saw 42 deals close for a total of more than $6 billion, representing a 140-percent increase in total value over 2005 figures, according to media and information industry investment-banking advisor The Jordan, Edmiston Group Inc. (JEGI). JEGI cited huge numbers in the consumer magazine space as well, as 45 deals closed in 2006—11 more than the prior year—with the deals’ value coming in just under $2 billion. Publishing Executive spoke with Scott Peters, managing director for JEGI, about what ’07 may hold, as well as

Pruning for Growth

Last year certainly did not end with a whimper. From cost-cutting moves at Time Inc. on down, three words seemed to be apt for the coming year: less is more. Still, while companies have to be quick to cut the fat, they can’t be afraid of growth, something that e-media doesn’t just call for—it demands. Publishing Executive spoke with presidents and CEOs of a handful of leading publishing companies to get a glimpse of what they believe will be most important to the industry this year, how their companies are dealing with the challenges afoot, and why their positions are more demanding than ever. Focused

RR Donnelley Lays Off 85 Former Banta Staffers

In the first major move since announcing its triumvirate of recent acquisitions, RR Donnelley officially eliminated 85 jobs at Banta Corp., headquartered in Menasha, Wis., according to a local Wisconsin newspaper. The job cuts come on the heels of a $1.3 billion merger deal completed by Donnelley and Banta on Jan. 9. The Appleton Post-Crescent reported that Donnelley made the layoffs official in a letter to Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development on Jan. 19 and that the reductions reached into the upper levels of Banta’s management. “We recognize that this news is disappointing, and while we deeply regret having to proceed with this reduction

The 5 O'Clock Split

Tom Fogarty is celebrating his two-year anniversary this month as vice president of production for a sizable roster of Ascend Media’s business-to-business magazines and other publications. The company has production locations in Princeton and Califon, N.J., Deerfield, Ill., Overland Park, Kan., and Los Angeles, and Fogarty oversees a team of senior production leaders from those divisions. Before heading up production at Ascend, Fogarty, 45, worked as a sales service representative and then spent a 10-year-stint as the production manager of Interact Publishing’s Telephony Magazine. Fogarty chatted with Publishing Executive about his challenges and best strategies for heading up a fast-paced multititle production environment.

The Reprint Evolution

The increased prominence of digital content has opened new doors for reprints services. However, questions of how to manage, price and sell these new forms of content delivery arise for those offering reprints. In fact, the concept of what the reprint industry is today is much different than it was just a year or two ago, says Michelle Wolfe, vice president of sales and marketing for FosteReprints, a veteran business that offers a wide-array of reprint services in-house, including printing and digital e-print creation. The technology to create e-prints, digital files containing the magazine or Web site content has been in existence for

Video Vigilance

Interviewees offered the following words of wisdom to those thinking about or beginning the video venture. DO’S ✓ Do pursue video, it’s become the norm. ✓ Do visit other sites widely and often, otherwise you’re flying blind. ✓ Do stay true to your core mission. ✓ Do invest up front, and rewards will come. ✓ Do work to capture someone’s attention within first few seconds of a video. ✓ Do make sure you’ve got sufficient bandwidth and a trusty Web host. DON’TS ✗ Don’t worry about using amateur video at first, professional can come later. ✗ Don’t stick a 10-second ad at the end of a clip. People will bail out before it airs. ✗ Don’t be afraid to experiment. ✗ Don’t be afraid to

VNU Changes Name to The Nielsen Company

VNU, a global information and media company with dealings in more than 100 countries, has changed its name to The Nielsen Co. The move underscores the strength of the company’s strongest brand name, Nielsen, the television ratings service, according to Nielsen executives. “Nielsen is one of the great names in the information- services industry,” said David L. Calhoun, chairman and CEO of The Nielsen Co. “For more than 75 years, the Nielsen brand has stood for the highest standards of integrity and quality, for independence and objectivity, and for an unrelenting dedication to helping clients be more successful. The Nielsen name is a source of pride

What Do the Latest Printer Mergers Mean to You?

As a print buyer, I am usually dismayed with every acquisition or merger, as it usually means one less source (and competitor) in the print-buying process. The demise of competition may affect prices, but usually the blending of two companies creates a stronger company … hopefully keeping the better aspects of each company. So many mergers and acquisitions have happened over the last 20 years. I have worked with these 25 different publication printers during that time: Holiday Press, American Signature, Foote & Davies, W.A. Krueger, Greenfield Printing, Combined Communications Services, World Color Press Inc., Northeast Graphics, United Litho Inc., Alden Press, William Byrd

Where the Heck is the Industry Going?

As an industry, who are we, where are we going, and will we recognize ourselves when we get there? This rant is intended to be a look in the media mirror—call it a “State of the Union” address of sorts. There has been a lot of news, conjecture and posturing about what the media industry may be morphing into. These changes are not only affecting the industry, but the psyche of the people who work in it. As I travel around the country, I see some members of our industry who are terrified, some who are exhilarated, some who are fearful of losing their jobs,

Your Job and Future Security

In our December 2006 issue, columnist Bob Sacks shared tips for keeping your job in today’s publishing environment. The article seemed to strike a personal chord with a number of readers who have been part of or are afraid of being part of the fallout from the changes facing the industry. Unfortunately, no matter what you do to prepare yourself, sometimes things just happen. Notes we received from a few readers proved this to be sadly true. One reader’s company announced one day that it was closing up shop, and that very day would be all the employees’ last at the company. I have