Publishing Executive January/February 2011


7 Things You Can Learn From Media Buyers

With tough times in the media sales business, I suddenly have two close friends who are working as marketing directors at companies they used call on as sales reps.

A Look at What Publishers are Launching in Mobile Apps.

Oprah Winfrey has made no secret of her über-fondness for the iPad; she publicly called it her "No. 1 favorite thing ever," and at the fall 2010 Association of Magazine Media.

Building A Sustainable Future

When Advertising Age announced the first crop of winners of its Media Vanguard Awards, a nifty app walked away with the "Most Promising Magazine iPad Edition" prize.

Industry Statistics You Can Use

Sixty-five percent of Web users have paid to download or access content from the Internet, a recent survey finds.

iPadded Profits?

Consumers keep squawking about electronic publications, such as e-books and tablet versions of magazines, having higher prices than the printed editions. They'd better get used to it.

Publishers’ Outlook 2011

The year ahead promises to be an interesting one, with an exploding digital device market, a recovering economy and maturing notions of what multiplatform publishing can mean.

Publishing’s‘Promised Land’

If you know David Granger, Esquire's editor-in-chief, you know that he is a voice of optimism for print.

The New Rules for Publishing

What are the 'new rules' in a world where everyone, including grandma, can be a publisher and have a global following?

The Promised Land

Let me start with the rosy portion of this column: I'm a magazine editor, and this is the best time ever—ever!—to be on the creative side of the magazine business.