Publishing Executive July/August 2010


Blanket Coverage

Tuscaloosa-based magazine publisher Randall-Reilly does not necessarily think of itself as being in the business of magazines. Or, for that matter, publishing.

Industry Statistics You Can Use

37% of respondents to a recent social media survey of 3,000 U.S. social network users said they learned about a new product or service from a social networking site

Magazine or Not a Magazine: Is That the Question?

I tend to side with "Mr. Magazine"; however, I also don't think it really matters.

Rates Rising

The outlook for changes in publishers' postage costs next year ranges from virtually zero to the potential for double-digit increases that would put many publications out of business.

Pulp Fiction

A debate has resurfaced in the publishing blogosphere in the last few months, a conversation that I believe is very important.

The Modern Printer’s Evolution

While putting ink on paper remains their primary business, most printers are ready to expand—or have already expanded—the definition of their services.

Virtual Vanguard

Web-based events and webinars make up an increasing part of the revenue pie for publishers looking to both satisfy sponsors and audiences, and lower overhead.