Publishing Executive July August 2011


3 Lessons Magazines Can Learn from Cable Television

Change is the only constant in our magazine business; most apply that change to content and design rather than their business model for a changing magazine industry.

A QR Code: What the Heck Do I Do With That?

A number of years ago, I was editing some articles at home; my brother was over, and we got to talking about the [brackets] that writers and editors put around paraphrased words in quotes.

Can Digital Editions Be Sexy?

15 great 
strategies for increasing sexiness (OK, appeal), engaging the audience, driving ad revenue, tapping multiple versions and more!

Content Aggregation: 
Boon or Bane 
for Publishers?

In March, The New York Times Executive Editor compared the Huffington Post's business model—based mostly on aggregating news content—to piracy.

Publishing Industry Statistics You Can Use

58% of U.S. smartphone users access the Internet on their phones every day of the week, and 53% of users do so multiple times per day.

The Case for Daily E-newsletters

My baptism with e-mail newsletters came in 1995 for Windows NT Magazine, a monthly print publication for IT administrators.

The Killer App for 
Online Branding

Where do the big opportunities lie for media and information compainies? Online branding strategy is key.

Today’s Publishing Career: 
We Are All Vulnerable

With all this drama about our careers and the changing landscape of the publishing world, I also believe that this is a great time to rethink the unthinkable.