Publishing Executive March April 2011


A Controlled-Circ App Strategy

As the popularity and hype of the iPad and other tablet devices grow, many publishers are trying to figure out what their magazine app strategies should be.

A Look at What Publishers Are Launching in Mobile Apps

Can't get enough Martha Stewart on your TV, print publications, books, bath towels, dinnerware, etc.? Well, now you can get more Martha wherever you are.

Fear and Survival

I want to discuss with you two concepts that have been with us as far back as humans can remember, perhaps even before we can remember.

Formulate an Effective Mobile Strategy

Formulating a mobile strategy is imperative for publishers, yet it can be difficult to know where to begin. Publishing Executive tapped a range of experts to clarify the picture.

Give Marketers 
What They Want

When the economy improves and marketing dollars come back, will your organization be positioned to take advantage?

Increase Your Ad Revenue

Our fragmented, niched media marketplace presents challenges for media buyers looking to find the best return for their marketing dollars.

Let My Magazines Grow

Let me be very clear from my very first regular column in Publishing Executive: I do not think we have a magazine—as in an ink-on-paper magazine—problem in this country.

Pros and Cons of User Reviews

With the growth of consumer product information online, user reviews have become increasingly important and valued in consumer buying decisions.

Publishing Industry Statistics You Can Use

You've got to work. You've got to sleep. The time people spend with media each day must max out, right? Wrong

Thriving in the New Media Universe

It is essentially the eve of the 2011 Publishing Business Conference as I "pen" this note. My mind is on the brilliant speakers I've talked with during planning, and the conference theme: "Thriving in Today's New Media Universe."