Publishing Executive March-April 2013


A Look at What Publishers Are Launching in the Mobile Space

There’s a couple of things going on with The Weekend Companion, the iPhone and iPad app launched by New York-based The Awl. There’s the app itself, which, according to Awl editor Choire Sicha, is designed to be a simple, clean escape from the noise and distractions of the typical Web experience—more print-like

A Thing of Beauty

As association magazines go, Nature Conservancy has less of a profile than National Geographic or Smithsonian, which is a pity, because the quality writing, beautiful pictures and fascinating facts found in each issue certainly deserve just as broad an audience.

GO!! Viz Media Conquers the World!

Viz Media LLC, the preeminent Japanese comics company in the U.S. market, has found a digital solution to a vexing problem. Jointly owned by a consortium of three Japanese media companies

Joint Effort

In the publishing world you have to stay on top of the latest trends. (Word number one: trends.) And you also need to be as contemporary and innovative as possible.

Meet The Advisors

Tony Mamone is the co-founder and CEO of Livingly Media (Formerly Zimbio Inc.). With top-10 entertainment and fashion websites and, and the acquisition of leading shelter website last July, Livingly reaches over 30 million global monthly readers.

Mother Knows Best

Many people who had never heard of Mother Jones became aware of the magazine last year when it broke the story of Mitt Romney's "47 percent" speech. The magazine, a paragon of liberal thought now in its 37th year of publication, saw over 9 million page views for the story

Phablets Take Off; Digital Hand-Me-Downs

What’s next for phablets, those bulky amalgams of smartphones and tablets that became the talk of tech in 2012? According to a report from BI Intelligence, sales of devices with 5-plus inch screens (like the Galaxy Note)

San Francisco: Far Out on the Publishing Continuum

From its counterculture days to its present position on the cusp of Silicon Valley, San Francisco has nurtured a number of prestigious publications and the employees who make them run.

Special Interest

If, as many believe, the future of magazine publishing is niche, then it makes sense to look to niche publishers for clues to revenue models, products and strategies that will carry the industry forward.

The Advertising Sales Game Has Changed

For most of the past century, relationships formed the basis for the majority of large advertising sales. Success in advertising sales was predicated on the ability to initiate, form, and maintain personal relationships with buyers.

We Know You're Out There

Last month we introduced Augmented Reality to our magazine, which gives us the ability to boldly go in new multi-media directions. We're feeling very intrepid these days, and we're eager to seek out the new and cool wherever we can.

What is a Publisher?

Most of us who read this magazine are in the word business. We are so sophisticated at this business that our expertise in wordsmanship has actual monetary value.