Publishing Executive May 2009


Celebrating Women's Impact on Our Industry

It was 89 years ago when women finally won the long fight for the right to vote. It is hard to imagine that we were ever denied that right. It is even harder to imagine that there may still be people out there who think that women don’t deserve this right … but there are. Our society has come a long way, but women’s fight for equality is not over.

Content Aggregation: A Win-Win for Publishers?

Go to to find out if your town will see sun or clouds tomorrow, and below the local temperature, you’ll see local news. This is not a case of meteorologists breaking into the journalism business; content (in the form of linked headlines) is provided by aggregator, which uses a sophisticated algorithm to troll the Web for relevant articles. The material enriches the Web sites of Topix’s distribution partners, while the primary news source sees additional site traffic—a win-win for everybody, right?

Magazines—The Medium of Action in a Slow-Moving Economy

If you were a marketer today and your bottom line depended on moving people to action, which media would you select for your advertising plan? The good news for magazines is research shows that magazines are the “medium of action.”

No Silver Bullet for Online Success

Magazine publishers are still looking for that magic formula to really boost online revenue. What new strategy or technology will help us make up for what we’ve been losing in print?

Pushing the Envelope

Magazine publishers worried about the prospects for their industry might be grateful not to be staring at the numbers being batted around for the United States Postal Service (USPS) over the next few months.

Time to Go Hunting

This month I am going hunting. My intended prey are several publishing myths that seem to predominate the psyche of old media.

Top Women in Magazine Publishing

"Magazine publishing, more than many other fields, has long been a great career for women …,” says Patricia B. Fox, senior vice president, operations, and general manager, Healthy Living Group at Active Interest Media. Fox, along with the other women Publishing Executive selected for its first-annual “Top Women in Magazine Publishing” feature, exemplify the greatness that women have achieved in this industry.

Twitter Struggling With Retention Rate

More than 60% of Twitter registrants do not return to use Twitter the month following sign-up, Nielsen Online reported in April. However, this number is down from 70% in most of the previous 12 months.