Publishing Executive May-June 2013


A Tale of Two Bit.lys

Are these the best of times or the worst of times to be in the magazine business? It depends upon whom you ask. And it depends upon what exactly you mean by "the magazine business." Consider two recent and at first glance diametrically opposed statements about the business from insiders:

Building a Better Show

How do you get employees and partners to build an entirely new series of conferences and expos, all by volunteering their skills and services in their spare time? Business-to-business media company UBM managed to do just that with its Business4Better

Custom Content, Reimagined

Back in March, my Publishing Business Group colleagues and I paid a visit to the Brown Printing Company plant near Allentown, Pa. According to their website, Brown prints over 180 consumer and business publications at this location, situated along a country road about 100 miles west of New York City and 50 miles north of Philadelphia.

Living the Lonny Way

Recently, I got some advice from Irene Edwards about how to decorate the window seats in my house in a way that's unique and expresses my personality. I feel very fortunate to have received these personalized tips from the new Executive Editor of the digital shelter magazine Lonny.

On the Right Track

In our travels for our new City Spotlight section this month, we stayed close to home. As you'll see on page 24, Managing Editor Jim Sturdivant writes about the Philadelphia publishing scene. Many people who read our publication and attend our events assume that we're based in New York, as so many publishers are, but we're not. We are Philly folks at NAPCO, and proud of it! And here in the home of the cheesesteak, the Liberty Bell and, yes, Rocky, we are part of a vibrant and thriving publishing scene.

Philadelphia: Publishing 'Wit'

Throughout the month of June, Hidden City Philadelphia, a website devoted to writing, photography, and the city's "dormant and hidden places," is holding a series of artistic happenings at derelict or under-appreciated urban locales.

Profiting From Information Overload

As publishers, we have an interesting and increasingly complex relationship with technology. Till the end of the twentieth century, it was our best friend, but now as technology moves forward, it sometimes seems to threaten us as if it was our worst enemy.

Stylish By Design

We’ll call it the Gwyneth era, the recent exciting period of growth and change at Harper’s Bazaar. It kicked off with the March 2012 redesign, which included a one inch wider trim size, higher quality paper and a splashy new interior with dramatic type treatments designed by Robin Derrick, Former Creative Director of British Vogue and Executive Creative Director of Spring Studios.