Publishing Executive November/December 2010


6 Things You Need to Know About Unstructured Content

Unstructured data. As a writer I hate that term. I remember the first time I heard reference to it; sitting in a meeting and technical people were talking about all the unstructured content that publishers produce.

7 Tips for Advancing Your Career

This year I am going to cover briefly some on-the-job advice for your prolonged revenue continuity.

Are You a Publisher or Direct Marketer?

It has been my observation that the most successful media companies look at themselves not as publishers, but as direct marketers.

Are You Absolutely Positive?

I can't believe another year is winding to a close already; but maybe time passing quickly is, for once, a good thing.

Are Your Social Media Efforts Working?

The days of pushing content out to the masses are over. Instead it's a battle for eyeballs that pits publishers of traditional media against a slew of Web-only content publishers.

Being ‘Green’ Not a Priority?

There's a new element in the quality formula for products and services of all kinds (including books and magazines): sustainability.

Get More Money Now

For publishers to have the financial flexibility to focus on the things that will really drive their businesses forward, it is particularly important that the basics get done well.

Industry Statistics You Can Use

Data skimming and data theft represents at least $850 million in lost revenue annually for premium publishers.

Mobile is Waiting in the Wings: Will it Steal the Show?

The end of media as we know it has been predicted for a few years, but only now is there a ring of truth to it—in the sense that an old business model is giving way to a new one.

The future of magazines on digital devices is beginning to take shape.

Should publishers flip out over Flipboard? It's a question that's been on a lot of minds lately.

Want to Charge for Digital Content?

How can newspaper and magazine publishers expect their readers, who have enjoyed free online content over the past 10 years, to suddenly and willingly pay for the same content?

When Directness Pays Off

Many magazine publishers have been battling to increase subscriptions to help offset lost ad revenue and declining subscriber bases during the past two years.