Publishing Executive November-December 2012


3 Tips for Getting the Most out of E-Newsletters

With today's empowered and social-savvy buyers, the one-size-fits-all newsletters that marketers have employed for years are no longer very effective. Customer and prospect expectations are higher than ever, and this means that readers expect tailored, relevant messages delivered at the right time

A Fickle Mistress

Rebecca Darwin, president and CEO of Garden & Gun Magazine, was a speaker at this year's ACT III Experience at the University of Mississippi and is adamant in her belief in print. She agreed with Mary Berner, the new president and CEO of MPA-The Association of Magazine Media, in saying it is "absolutely the case" that we need to stop apologizing for magazines.

An Opportunity to Innovate

In this digital era of constant, inevitable change, all of us in the publishing industry must grapple with figuring out how to adapt, and we must determine what it means for us, our skills, our products.

AppWatch: A look at what publishers are launching in mobile apps

Don't know the difference between a Chenin Blanc and a Sauvignon Blanc? The world of good wine is a big, intimidating place, but with Wine Spectator's new "WineRatings+" app, you'll be able to impress your friends with your vast wine wisdom and make purchasing and drinking decisions with ease.

FastStats: Publishing Industry Statistics You Can Use

There's No Place Like Home The great promise of mobile is that it is… mobile, which is

Global Vision

One of the first things you notice when walking into Lynda Hammes' office at Foreign Affairs is an Ellie, the pachyderm-ish sculpture recognizing excellence in magazine publishing given out each year by the American Society of Magazine Editors.

Painting a New Picture

Think about America's oldest magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, and you're likely to think about Norman Rockwell's famous cover art. Steven Slon, Editorial Director and Associate Publisher of the magazine, will remind you that Rockwell "did quite a few covers, but not all!" Nonetheless, the wholesome styling of Rockwell's art is what comes to mind when one thinks of this venerable publication.

Seeking Fulfillment

Like everything else in publishing, the role of distribution and fulfillment has shifted as publishers embrace new ways of reaching and serving audiences. This does not diminish the practice, however; sophisticated data-collection and measurement tools allow for more strategic, targeted efforts in audience development, upselling and trend spotting.

When Technologies Collide

I've been reading a short history of computing, aptly titled "Computing: A Concise History," by Paul E. Ceruzzi. The book covers a lot of familiar ground (transistors, IBM, Tim Berners-Lee) peppered with many surprises—I never knew the term "digital" was coined during World War II to describe a type of anti-aircraft gun.