Publishing Executive – October 2013


6 Things Magazine Publishers Should Stop Doing Now

In this edition, D. Eadward Tree explores six things magazine publishers should stop doing immediately. "Let's face it, the mindset we've adopted and assumptions we've made the past few years have led us astray," says Tree.

Grim Industry Averages Overlook Many Cases of Individual Success.

Is totality really the only effective way to look at the industry? Are we actually one big company and it's sink or swim together, or are there thousands of separate companies and titles that have their own hidden successes as well as some failures? Clearly when looked upon as a single unit, the trend is-well, the best you can say-not great. But hidden in the mix are wonderful examples that break from the trend and are outstanding when viewed as singular success stories.

Lotame Harnesses the Power of Data for Online Ads

Every publisher or ad salesperson has had advertisers question why they should advertise, whether they'll be reaching the right person and how they know this. To that tune, companies in the fast-growing online advertising sector are seeking ways to make online ads more personalized through online data tracking and ad targeting. One such company is Lotame, maker of a data management platform called Crowd Control, which helps publishers better understand their audience by gathering data about their online readers. 

Modern Salespeople Must Be Agile

Salespeople need to sell the way the buyers want to be sold. This concept is as old as selling itself, but one which salespeople forget at their peril. The changing nature of the advertising buying process has resulted in buyers with all sorts of different expectations.

Plus Ca Change

The September issue of Inc. contains what the magazine calls "The Inc. 500," their list of the "fastest growing, best run, most innovative, and most inspiring private companies in America." The message in this is clear to me before I even look at the list: innovation is good. This dovetails with what I already believe: the ability to come up with new ways of doing things is a valuable skill; it's good to be a creative thinker.

President Andrew Clurman on the Future of Active Interest Media

Andrew Clurman discusses the rapid growth of his outdoorsy publishing company. Formed in 2003 by Efrem "Skip" Zimbalist III and headquartered in Boulder, AIM has quickly grown to 40-plus magazines through fitting acquisitions and smart diversification.

PRSS Plans To Rival Print

About three years ago, entrepreneur Michel Elings met travel writer and photographer Jochem Wijnands at a barbeque. The next day they started creating the successful iPad-only travel magazine, TRVL. Now, based on the experience they gained from launching the five-star rated TRVL, they are set to release PRSS, software they hope will make publishing iPad magazines quicker and easier for other publishers. 

Reanimating Omni Magazine

The unearthing of publisher-provocateur Bob Guccione's archives has spawned a documentary and helped resurrect an eminent sci-fi magazine. But one question remains: Can a long-dormant sci-fi magazine from a bygone era really find success in an uncertain future?

Towers of Power

From the Condé Nast-inspired offices of The Devil Wears Prada to the stylish retro decor of Mad Men, spectacular architecture has always been synonymous with equally prestigious media companies. 

Way 2B

The darlings of the publishing world will always be the consumer magazines. But toiling in the shadows are smart teams of editors, marketers and publishers who are thriving, innovating and making money.