Publishing Executive September/October 2010


Bill Amstutz

Sometimes it seems someone was simply destined for something. For Bill Amstutz, that destiny, was, interestingly enough, being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Bob Sacks

For so many in the publishing industry, Bob Sacks—or BoSacks, as he is also known—is as regular a part of your work routine as your morning coffee.

Excellence and Evolution

Everyone's role in publishing is changing today. But few, perhaps, have changed as significantly as the roles of production and manufacturing executives.

Industry Statistics You Can Use

79% of businesses currently incorporate mobile marketing into their marketing strategies, according to market research company Vanson Bourne.

Ken Brooks

Ask a sampling of your book industry peers, and you will find that most publishing careers do not begin with an engineering degree.

Michael Lonier

As someone who was interested in photography and the media from a young age, Michael Lonier dreamt of becoming a photographer for Life magazine.

Planned Serendipity

As we proceed into the future of information distribution, several new factors have emerged that we should consider and about which we should perhaps be worried.

Pride and Printing

It may be a stretch to tie a reference to Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" to a print competition, but if you think about it, it may not be so far-fetched.

Refocus Your Business

For decades, the magazine industry clung to a business model that took a telescopic view of the universe.

The Dynamic Database

Publishers are discovering—and advertisers are demanding—new ways to capture and parse data from the variety of digital products available to consumers

The Power of Publishing

I find myself in sympathy with both the harsh realities of an industry under stress and change, and the optimism of a different, but promising future.

The Winners

Gold, silver and bronze winners in seven categories. Check out to view the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Pewter winners in 40 additional categories.