Publishing Executive September-October 2012


2012 Gold Ink Award Winners Announced

Publishing Executive sister publication Printing Impressions has announced the winners of the 2012 Gold Ink Awards. The printing industry's most prestigious competition, the Gold Ink Awards recognize excellence in printing across categories including magazines, books, brochures, calendars and catalogs.

An Open Question

In her role as John Wiley & Sons' vice president and director of open access, the question Rachel Burley faces every day is quite a challenging one. In fact, it's one that the whole of the scholarly journal and book publishing world is wrestling with these days, as well.

App Watch: A look at what publishers are launching in mobile apps

Ever walked into a museum and felt… overwhelmed? How about 19 of them? This is the challenge for visitors at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., where an embarrassment of riches can become simply an embarrassment for anyone who gets lost between Apollo 11 and Archie Bunker's chair.

AR and NFC: Setting the Table

For Maxim, it was a no-brainer. When print and technology services provider Quad/Graphics came to them with a proposal to bring cover models to life with an augmented reality app, the lad mag saw a clear opportunity to enhance the magazine's appeal to its primarily 18-35 year-old male audience.

FastStats: Publishing Industry Statistics, News and Trends

Would you admit not being able to live without your smartphone? Over two-thirds of respondents to a recent survey by the Online Publisher's Association did just that.

Is Your Publication Habit-Forming?

The recent Publishing Business Virtual Conference & Expo, presented by Publishing Executive and Book Business, was capped by a keynote from New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg, who spoke about how habits are formed and maintained, and how we can break (or encourage) them.

Keeping Dr. Google Away

In an age of instant information access, professional and scholarly publishers have to get smarter when developing products to fit audience workflows. Simply having a large catalogue of titles is no longer enough; from finance to education to STM, users expect information to be tailored to their day-to-day needs and priorities.

Relevancy Fuels Success in Digital Marketing

Audience developers, it is time to reboot digital marketing strategies. Let's evaluate how the customer relationship is changing given new technology, increasing digital channels and consumers who are more selective.

The Bleeding Edge

It has come to my attention that magazine publishers are possibly missing the revenue boat of a lifetime. This epiphany came to me when last shopping for razor blades. I was reaching for my usual brand of Schick Mach 3 blades when I just had to stop, stunned at the shear marketing brilliance (pun intended) of the entire razor blade industry.

Top Tips for Optimizing Online Ad Campaigns

Optimization remains a particularly hot topic in advertising today. Technology continues to evolve to support sell-side initiatives and help publishers ensure they deliver to their advertisers' objectives, while also enabling publishers to compete more effectively and remain relevant to their clients.

You Can't Say That Again

When the news broke that author Jonah Lehrer had been recycling his own writing in publications including The Wall Street Journal and Wired, and when he was then found to have fabricated a quote by Bob Dylan in his new book "Imagine" (giving the book's title an ironic twist), I couldn't help but puzzle over it.