Hailey, Idaho

Co-mailing your publication with other titles offers great savings, but do you know how much you’re really saving? Do you know how to evaluate whether you could be saving more with another mailer/printer?

Co-mailing—the process in which a mailer (usually your printer) combines the mailing of your magazine with that of other titles—isn't a new process. However, chances are you've only performed one or two postal analyses utilizing co-mailing techniques. And, when you did your analyses, you may have misunderstood how much you would be "saving" by co-mailing.

Managing paper has become more complicated today because limited stock choices in standard roll sizes made for 32-page presses are long gone. Mills are now a blend of domestic and foreign ownership, and aside from readily offering foreign stocks, their domestic paper specifications have slowly changed, creating hybrid stocks with unique brightness, texture and bulking characteristics. Also, recycled stocks with more options, better specs and affordable prices are becoming available. And the new wide-web printing presses require new roll widths, which also require better imposition planning. Paper sourcing has changed over the past five years, and vendors today are trying to remain competitive during

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