One evening in October of last year, after a reported couple of drinks in a Brooklyn bar, Rupert Murdoch was giving a good impression of a man who thought he had seen the future. From his car on the way home he tweeted: "Who's heard of VICE media? Wild, interesting effort to interest millennials who don't read or watch established media. Global success."

The months since have served to emphasise the Digger's clairvoyance

Resolute Forest Products and National Envelope today announced a unique partnership that will provide customers with an expanded portfolio of solutions, including folio-size sheets using Resolute’s innovative, high-yield, sustainable paper. This alliance is an integral part of both companies’ continued emphasis on providing customers with industry-leading eco-friendly solutions.

Resolute recently launched Align, its family of high-opacity, high-bulk, environmentally responsible papers that can be used as alternatives to chemical pulp coated and uncoated freesheet in most commercial printing applications. When compared to traditional offset papers, Align grades deliver a smaller environmental footprint and greater cost savings to customers.

It’s no scoop, but the big story on the printing industry this year has been the recession, which delivered a body blow to an already reeling magazine marketplace. The precipitous decline in ad revenue, and therefore pages, has obviously hit the industry hard—but not unaware. Plans to work with magazine publishers to retool business models proceed apace, with increasing emphasis on efficiencies in traditional manufacturing and distribution even as printers move to become full-service content management solutions providers.

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