Implementing a new content management system (CMS) or Web content management system (WMS) is, to say the least, a daunting task. Integrating past content and anticipating future needs—all while trying to meet the requirements of present constituents—leaves the process riddled with potential for missteps. It’s no wonder experts in CMS/WMS implementation stress the need for adequate preparation.

Toronto - ForestEthics has announced that it is enlisting major customers of forest products to help ensure environmental and economic sustainability in Ontario's forestry industry. A letter was sent today to 500 wood and paper customers in the United States urging them to buy from producers of sustainably harvested forests and avoid companies that are logging threatened woodland caribou habitat in Ontario. "Ontario's forest industry has the chance to maintain its role as a global player if it recognizes ecological performance and long-term sustainability as key performance indicators," said Tzeporah Berman, program director of ForestEthics. "There is a growing green shift in the

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