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Coated paper was invented in the United States, but after a major industry shakeup today most of the country's ability to make coated paper is owned by foreign companies.

This morning, two momentous events occurred nearly simultaneously in the industry that makes coated paper for catalogs, magazines, inserts, and brochures:

1) NewPage, the largest North American maker of coated paper, sold its Biron, Wisconsin and Rumford, Maine mills to Catalyst Paper, which shifted about 12% of the nation's coated-paper capacity into Canadian hands.

July 8, 2013 - Carrabassett Valley, Maine, USA – The international ink jet industry’s focus will be on IMI Asia’s Industrial Digital Showcase 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Hong Kong, China on January 13-14, 2014. Visit www.imiasiadigital.com for preliminary brochure and additional details.

IMI President Al Keene says, “Building on the 12 years of success for IMI and IMI Europe’s annual Ink Jet Technology Showcase, we are most pleased to be partnering with Inkjet Partnership to bring together the leading suppliers of ink jet and other digital technologies and services for the first time in the Asia Pacific region.

If you have anything at all to do with in-store shopper marketing, mobile is likely near the top of your to-do list, and you are surrounded by people evangelizing about its huge impact on shopper behavior.

Indeed, a quick search of publicly available research turns up the following claims: Four out of five consumers use mobile devices for shopping-related purposes; 46% have used mobile only in path-to-purchase; 89% of smartphone owners use their mobile while grocery shopping.

Unfortunately, most of this research is misleading, and often worse, a distortion of reality.

Last week, the feminist Internet exploded with censure for the British quarterly Port Magazine. The magazine’s transgression? Publishing a cover story about “A New Golden Age” of print media and featuring six white, male editors. It provided visual evidence for what many of us in journalism know to be true: The editors-in-chief of the so-called “thought-leader” publications overwhelmingly have been, and remain, white dudes.

But on second glance, something else stuck out. While five out of six of those editors edit general interest publications, a men’s magazine, GQ, was included.

Future US, a leading hybrid media company specializing in gaming and technology, today announced that BikeRadar.com, the extremely popular U.K. cycling destination, is coming to the United States. The new site will provide localized content, including bike technology, news, features and reviews.

For decades, the U.S. government turned a blind eye to the pirating of intellectual property--and the practice helped some of the country's largest book publishers make their fortunes.

I've written a lot lately about the U.S. government's attempt to protect the country's intellectual property against overseas-based online pirates, nowhere more forcefully than in the case of MegaUpload. Last month, the U.S. government indicted Kim DotCom, MegaUpload's founder, on criminal copyright charges. He was arrested in New Zealand and U.S. officials will attempt to bring him to this country to stand trial.

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