Congressional Republicans seem intent on letting the U.S. Postal Service run out of cash, but even the pundits can't figure out exactly why.

The GOP-controlled House left for summer recess last week after failing to vote on two postal-reform bills that have been languishing for months -- a bipartisan Senate measure and a more conservative alternative developed by a Republican-controlled House committee. Republican leaders in the House refused to say why they have failed to bring either bill up for votes, but here are a few of the choicest theories:

To kick off its third annual color campaign, House Beautiful staged a social scavenger hunt on the streets of Washington on Wednesday and Thursday. Taking inspiration from the design magazine's March “All About Green” issue, the House Beautiful team strategically placed 19 green chairs, provided by brands like Duralee, La-Z-Boy, and Century, in iconic locations around the city.

Editor's Note: House Beautiful's Sean Sullivan will be talking about this social media campaign at the Mobile and Digital Magazine Symposium on Monday, March 19 at the Publishing Business Conference & Expo.

Earlier this year, Spin Media LLC made what some publishing executives might consider a risky move. It decided to offer Spin magazine online, and free of charge.

The digital edition of the 450,000-circulation music magazine - which is accessible on Spin's MySpace page (www.MySpace.com/spinmagazine) and at Spin.com, the publication's portal for breaking news and archived stories - mirrors its print version, but with enhancements. For example, readers can click on icons to purchase music on iTunes, watch music videos or visit artists' MySpace pages, or on hyperlinks to be taken directly to advertisers' Web sites. The digital edition, created by Southborough, Mass.-based Texterity Inc., also enables both the editorial department and advertisers to track which areas of the magazine readers are honing in on.

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