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Special Report: Tactics for Creating a More Agile Digital Tech Buying Strategy

In 2017 Publishing Executive produced the “Special Report on Technology Adoption Strategies in Publishing” to better understand what publishers’ objectives and obstacles are when investing in new technologies. In the report, media executives indicated that “lack of time and resources to evaluate new technologies” is the biggest obstacle in their quest to adopt new technology.

This in-depth report explores the successful tactics publishers are employing to make their technology evaluation and investment strategy more efficient and effective. You can’t make time, but you can spend it more wisely.

Key Takeaways

  • Create a cultural and organizational environment that fosters agile technology experimentation by freeing up time and “saying no”
  • Incubate new tech tools and create a “fail fast” approach
  • Improve communication and intelligence gathering from key stakeholders to set priorities and improve tech buying success rate
  • Establish processes for moving technology evaluation forward quicker and best practices for working with vendors
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