The Top Technologies Publishers Will Buy in 2017

Media executives reveal which technologies they plan to buy this year -- and which ones they expect to drive the most revenue.

By Ellen Harvey and Denis Wilson

In an effort to better understand how publishers are focusing their technology strategies, Publishing Executive conducted a survey of the technologies publishers plan to invest in for 2017. Publishers also shared their prediction of which technology investment they expect to drive the greatest revenue growth in the coming year.

In the survey, publishers were asked to select all the technologies they plan to buy in 2017 from a list of 33 solutions. With a large variety of technologies on their shopping lists, there was a wide distribution of responses. Yet some technologies are clear favorites among publishers. The survey also revealed that publishers plan to purchase an average of 7.6 technology solutions in 2017.

Chart 1 below shows the top 11 technologies respondents will purchase this year. Each of these solutions was selected by at least a third of all respondents. Read on for the full results of the 2017 Publishing Executive Technology Adoption Survey.

Methodology: The Technology Adoption Survey was conducted in February and March of 2017. Executives from consumer, B2B, scientific/technical/medical (STM), and non-profit/association publishing organizations participated in the survey. This report is based on a segment of 70 respondents that work at media companies that earn $1 million or more in annual revenue.

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