How to Not Waste Money on Facebook and Instagram Ads

by Melissa Chowning

As publishers, our relationship with Facebook is… complicated. In 2019, Facebook traffic returned for a lot of publishers, and many now consider the platform a reliable source of traffic. However, there hasn’t been much consistency in regards to Facebook’s Ads Manager platform in the last several months, amiright? Facebook Ads Manager Continues to Evolve First,… more »


Branded Content: Possibilities, Pitfalls, and Predictions

by Inbar Yagur

A seismic shift happened in the 2010s: Platforms took control of audiences away from publishers and brands. The result is the need to pay-to-play, which comes with a host of challenges. Brands need to find ways to efficiently expand their reach, while publishers need to create sustainable revenue streams that don’t fully rely on volatile… more »


Press Release: Forbes Appoints Chief Product and Chief Technology Officers

NEW YORK, Jan. 9, 2020 – Forbes CEO Mike Federle today announced the appointments of Nina Gould and Vadim Supitskiy as Chief Product and Chief Technology Officers, respectively. Gould and Supitskiy are veterans of Forbes who have redesigned the company’s platforms, driven deeper engagement with audiences and with marketing partners, and seamlessly managed the company’s… more »


3 Ways B2B Publishers Can Turn Data into Dollars

by Rob Ristagno

We’ve heard all the buzzwords: predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning. But have you done everything you can to wrangle data and find the insights that reliably drive revenue? Unfortunately, when I ask most publishers this question, they answer “no.” And there are even more “no” responses in the B2B world. Why? Because there’s a… more »


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Google to Kill Third-Party Cookies — Publishers, Advertisers Win?

by Heather Fletcher

Publishers and advertisers can benefit the most from Google doing away with third-party cookies — if they work it right. First-party data will be like gold within two years, when Google phases out third-party cookies on Chrome. more »