Active Interest Media’s SVP of Digital on New Memberships & Commerce Opportunities

by Leah Wynalek

From ecommerce to over-the-top video, legacy media companies are eyeing a range of monetization opportunities in their transition to more diverse business models. In their search, it’s important for publishers to assess whether new revenue streams stem from the core roots of their business, says Pete Sheinbaum, Active Interest Media’s new senior vice president of… more »


Real-World Ways to Use Data to Improve Customer Experience

by AnnMarie Wills

Whether you call it a funnel, a flywheel, a tower, a loop, a corridor, or any of the many terms we use to describe the customer journey, there’s one common challenge among brand marketers: How do we make the “customer journey” more productive? more »


FUSE Media Speaker Spotlight: Sheel Shah, Hearst Magazines

by Leah Wynalek

Sheel Shah, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Consumer Products at Hearst Magazines, will kick off the 2019 FUSE Media Summit with an opening keynote. We connected with Shah for a quick Q&A to hear more about his role at Hearst and how he sees technology impacting the media landscape. more »


10 Key Considerations When Selecting a Programmatic Partner

by James Arnold

As publishers seek deeper efficiencies to maximize digital revenue, the concept of in-housing programmatic advertising is alluring. After all, it removes the middle-man and increases the revenue earned on every buy. But, in-housing programmatic comes with often-times insurmountable obstacles related to tech and staffing. That’s why a partnership approach is typically the most advantageous and… more »


Social Video Standards Need to Look More Like TV

by Rob Gabel

Every month, 14.9 million creators (including media and brands) upload 100 million new videos, generating more than 2 trillion views across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. Social video keeps expanding as a viable means to grow global business for both brands and publishers alike. But without measuring the content similarly to the way TV… more »