January 27, 2020

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Digital Consolidation: Here for the Long Haul or Another Passing Fad?

by Rich Routman

In the world of digital publishing, mergers and acquisitions have become almost commonplace, with consolidation dominating the 2019 headlines. From Vox Media’s acquisition of New York Media to Bustle Digital Group’s purchase of Inverse, and from Vice Media’s $400 million acquisition of Refinery29 to Group Nine Media’s $300 million acquisition of PopSugar, the digital media…


5 Ways to Gamify Your Website and Increase Reader Engagement

by Mario Peshev

Increasing reader engagement is a top goal among digital publishers for many reasons. Google is known to rely on engagement factors such as time spent on site and bounce/click-through rates for its search result pages, but high engagement helps publishers in plenty of other ways, including: Stronger brand recognition Decreased advertisement costs thanks to high…


Magazine Media News


3 Publishers on Data Regulation, Cookie Blocking & the New Age of Consumer Privacy

by Leah Wynalek

Data protection laws and privacy-minded browser updates are forcing publishers to rethink their digital business strategies. At Publishing Executive’s FUSE Media Summit in November, media execs from Northstar Travel Group, Annex Business Media, and Granite Media discussed how their organizations are adapting for success.


Media Pitch: How Copyright Clearance Center Helps Publishers Improve Data Integration & Sharing

To stay profitable in the evolving digital landscape, media companies need to continually innovate, which means they need data and content that is easy to access and monetize in new ways. Most are fully aware of this need, yet struggle to unify and structure information due to various factors, including disparate systems and limited human…


Google to Kill Third-Party Cookies — Publishers, Advertisers Win?

by Heather Fletcher

Publishers and advertisers can benefit the most from Google doing away with third-party cookies — if they work it right. First-party data will be like gold within two years, when Google phases out third-party cookies on Chrome.


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