October 21, 2019

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Google Update Favors Original Reporting in Search

by D. Eadward Tree

Egos. The Digital Revolution disrupted just about every practice in publishing, but one constant remains: When it comes to covering news that was revealed by a competing outlet, publishers still tend to let their egos override service to the reader. For two very different reasons – both having to do with that Great Frenemy of…


FUSE Media 2019 Speakers from Hearst, Annex Business Media, Industry Dive, Farm Journal & More

FUSE Media Summit is coming up next month, and we’re preparing to delve into the most pressing topics for digital media executives today. From productization and marketing automation to data privacy and the consumer experience, there’s a lot to cover. Here’s a look at the speakers we’ve recruited to share their insights with this year’s attendees.


Magazine Media News


Using Data to Shorten Your E-Commerce Sales Cycle

by Rob Ristagno

As publishers have gotten deeper into the e-commerce game, we’ve turned our attention to the infamous marketing funnel. But while we’re obsessed with understanding where we lose people in the funnel, we often forget to pay attention to another equally important factor: time.


Developing Technology Standards to Support Privacy Regulations of the Future

by Christiana Cacciapuoti

Advertising has played a vital role in the internet’s mass adoption, but as the industry evolved, consumer privacy took a back seat. Consumer privacy became a national conversation after Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm used by the Trump campaign, was able to obtain raw data harvested from up to 87 million Facebook profiles and…


How to Get Credit for the Traffic You Drive to Your Advertisers

by Eric Shanfelt

When I work with a publisher on their digital strategy, the first thing we do is look to better monetize the digital assets that they already have. This includes an in-depth analysis of how they’re fulfilling and reporting on digital ad programs. Almost invariably, I discover that the publisher isn’t properly setting up their ad…


Tinder Swipes Right on Interactive Content for 'Swipe Night'

In this episode of “What Were They Thinking?” Melissa Ward, managing editor for Publishing Executive’s sister brand Target Marketing, looks at the new apocalyptic interactive content series from Tinder.