June 19, 2020

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How News Publishers Can Gain Paid Subscribers as Ad Spends Shrink

by Mike Herrick

As people stay at home around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, online traffic has surged. People are clicking through mobile and web news alerts at 43% higher rates than they were prior to the crisis, according to my company’s notifications platform, which is used by USA Today, the BBC, and The Wall Street Journal,…


The Alchemy of Innovation: 4 Ways to Foster Innovation in 2020

by Mary Fox

There’s no simple path to innovative ideas. But based on my experience working with brands of all stripes and sizes over the past 25 years, the ingredients of innovation are universal and can be distilled into four elements: obsession with consumers, data, creative bravery, and a competitive spirit.


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How 3 Media Organizations Are Using Data to Drive Business

In this episode, we replay a panel discussion from the 2019 FUSE Media Summit. Executives from Brief Media, Industry Dive, and Active Interest Media discuss how data is managed within their organizations and factored into new product development, as well as how they prepared for privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.


Your Events Are Canceled. Now What?

by Rob Ristagno

The COVID disruption continues to be a reality, and we don’t have a timeline for when things will return to normal. So, where does that leave B2B publishers who generate a meaningful portion of their revenue from events? Let’s explore how publishers are adapting to protect their business model from future disruptions.


Will Pandemic and Politics Put Postal Service in Peril? Here Are the Facts.

by D. Eadward Tree

Depending upon which experts you heed, the U.S. Postal Service is either just a few months away from insolvency or it’s in no danger of running out of cash any time soon. The purpose of accounting, one of my favorite professors used to say, is to give people the information they need to make decisions.…


Forrester's Global Head of Events on Shifting from In-Person Summit to Paid Virtual Event

by Melissa Ward

The events business has been hit hard by COVID-19, causing organizations to make decisions to either cancel events, postpone until it’s safer to gather again, or make their events virtual. Forrester’s Global Head of Events discusses the company’s switch to a paid virtual event and the effects it had on the programming.