August 16, 2019

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ABM Is Just Good Marketing

by Latane Conant

ABM is quickly becoming a staple of modern B2B revenue teams because it’s a simple idea that works. B2B sellers concentrate sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts and execute personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account. The principles aren’t revolutionary, but scaling can be a bit tricky.


Media Pitch: How MadHive Is Preventing OTT Ad Fraud

by Leah Wynalek

Now that over-the-top video is mainstream – with 52% of US adults using OTT services – marketers are rapidly shifting dollars to reach eyeballs on connected TV screens. As demand for inventory in the OTT advertising ecosystem increases, so does the rate of ad fraud. MadHive, an…


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Are Your Readers Listening to You?

Audio content consumption is on the rise. Approximately 90 million Americans listened to a podcast last month, and the average time spent listening to content overall has risen to 17 hours per week. Are your readers listening to your digital content?


Webinar: Industry 4.0: The Next Revolution in Book Publishing and Manufacturing

As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, book publishing and manufacturing are being affected by automation, data exchange, artificial intelligence, and more. This webinar will explore what it means for publishers and manufacturers, what industry leaders are already doing, and how they plan to adapt to the next revolution in a world that is increasingly digital.


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Meet the 2019 FUSE Media Summit Advisory Board

The FUSE Media Summit returns this Nov. 19-21, once again connecting digital media and technology executives for 2 ½ days of expert insights, boardroom case studies, and peer-to-peer discussion. To develop an impactful program, we’re working closely with a group of all-star advisors that includes leaders from Hearst Magazines, HousingWire, Northstar Travel Group, Trusted Media Brands, and more.


How the Right Data Technology Can Fuel Your Organic Sales Growth

by Rob Ristagno

We’re all on a quest for organic sales growth. We all want to find ways to increase our conversion rate, improve our customer lifetime value, expand into adjacent markets, and launch new products successfully. The problem is there are more ideas out there than we have time or money to implement. Do we try to…


4 Ways to Restore Value in Publisher-Advertiser Relationships

by Misty Brewster

The symbiotic relationship between advertisers and publishers dates back hundreds of years to the rise of print mass media, when branded advertisements emerged as a means of funding the handbills and newspapers that educated the general public, both in the U.S. and abroad. Throughout the centuries, the relationship between advertisers and publishers has evolved gradually.…