With Advertising and Circulation Dwindling, Diversification Is Continued Imperative for Mag Industry

by Ellen Harvey

A study conducted by consulting firm PwC confirms what a many publishing leaders already know: As advertising and circulation revenues decline, diversification becomes a business imperative. “Advertising for print is down. Circulation is down. Revenues are projected to be flat,” says PwC partner Greg Boyer. “To make up for these declines, magazine publishers need to… more »


Lead Gen: Where Do Publishers Go from Here?

by Rob Keenan

Several years ago, I had a transformative experience surrounding lead generation. At the time, I worked for Edgell Communications and a good portion of our online business was driven by lead-gen programs. We were proud of our programs. We had a new platform. We delivered quality results. Our business was growing. But, as I sat… more »


3 Ways to Electrify Your Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

by Anastasia Bogomolov

Data-driven marketing is making headlines (again). Let’s review latest stats on data-driven marketing shared in recent reports from Forbes and Aberdeen research. Data-driven organizations are: Three times more likely to have increased revenues Six times more likely to achieve competitive advantage and improve profitability Five times more likely to retain customers In essence, the success… more »