Bob Sacks

How is print the future of digital and digital the future of print? At what points do media converge and what does the convergence mean to the publisher? What if "free" turns into "out of business," and "paid" turns into "no more traffic?" Who else feels like they're spending too much for their newsstand distribution, and what can you do about it? And how is a publisher to recover the lost revenues in the face of escalating costs in all channels?

In the October issue of Publishing Executive, Bob Sacks cautioned the industry against putting too much stock in the grim industry averages we're being bombarded with. The article was titled, "Grim Industry Averages Overlook Many Cases of Individual Success." It so happens I recently came across just such a success story: that of regional bridal magazine Dainty Obsessions, which has been in circulation for about a year now.


For so many in the publishing industry, Bob Sacks—or BoSacks, as he is also known—is as regular a part of your work routine as your morning coffee.

I often agree with Bob Sacks, our longtime columnist, and a friend and mentor. (He is much older than me, you know.) But after reading his column in this issue, "Paranoia in Publishing" (page 42), I felt the need to address a few things.

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