Gregg Hano

Matt Steinmetz is the publisher and brand director of Publishing Executive.

Mag+, maker of the publishing industry's most dynamic mobile media platform, today announced Gregg Hano has been named as the company's chief executive officer effective May 7. Hano succeeds co-founder Staffan Ekholm who will return to Stockholm to focus on international expansion and business development.

I graduated from the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in 1982 having never used a computer during my undergraduate education. When I began selling for Popular Science and Times Mirror magazines in 1987, our offices at 380 Madison Ave. had rotary dial phones (clearly without voice mail). We had no fax machines or Federal Express; insertion orders came in via the U.S. Postal Service. No computers, no database-management systems of any kind, no Internet—and obviously no iPods, HD flat-screen TVs or smartphones. My secretary actually took dictation.

Think back to your first cell phone. If it was clunky, boxy, unlikely to fit in your pocket and even less likely to provide a clear and drop-free phone call, you weren’t alone in your frustrations. Cell phones have come a long way since appearing on “Saved by the Bell” (thanks to Zack Morris) and in vehicles as “car phones.” Today, it’s laughable to think how far the technology has evolved in just 15 years.

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