Lou Ann Sabatier

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Lou Ann Sabatier joined the Washington Examiner when the conservative political tabloid was at a crossroads, facing massive digital upheaval and floundering legacy products. Brought on as CEO of the Examiner's parent company MediaDC, Sabatier was tasked with transforming the brand into a digital powerhouse and retooling the print product into a weekly magazine.

Congratulations to Lou Ann Sabatier, an old friend and industry colleague, a fellow member of Exceptional Women in Publishing and a fellow blogger here on Publishing Executive.

Lou has just accepted the job of CEO of Clarity Media’s Washington, DC properties: The Weekly StandardThe Washington Examiner, and Red Alert Politics.

Since I’ve known her, Lou has been a brilliant and effective consultant and communicator. She took the time to learn, master and teach all the disciplines of publishing. She generously shared what she learned and knew. She surrounded herself with the best and most creative minds in publishing. 

E-mail is not dead, said my friend and colleague, publishing consultant Lou Ann Sabatier. You just need to manage it properly.

Lou Ann should know. She recently did an e-mail survey to get some audiences responses to a couple of client publications. Now here’s the thing: the client had done a survey themselves not long before. Their response rate?  Zero.

The question of whether print-advertising revenue will return to pre-recession levels still looms over many publishers' heads (and many analysts predict that it will not). So publishers not only are striving to boost online revenue and develop creative partnerships with advertisers, but also to find other ways to help offset losses suffered during the past two years, and build new business models around their content and their audiences.

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