Louis Milani

With print ad-revenue declines still hampering magazines of all sizes and scopes, few magazine publishers have failed to address cost-cutting strategies and ways to do more with less. Here are 34 tips from a cross-section of the publishing world for reining in costs without sacrificing too much in the way of staff or quality.

By Jim Calder There is the kind of loyalty that keeps an employee at a company for a decade or two, maybe even three. And then there is the kind of loyalty that is exemplified by 2007 Hall of Fame inductee Louis Milani. For 53 years, Milani has worked for one company: Consumers Union (CU)—the Yonkers, N.Y.-based nonprofit organization that publishes Consumer Reports magazine (circulation approximately 4.3 million), two newsletters, books and other special-interest publications. Today, Milani is senior director, publishing operations and business affairs, overseeing paper, print, fulfillment and logistics partnerships for CU’s information products, mainly Consumer Reports. And after more than

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