Myrna Blyth

Several months ago, the industry watched with great interest as Tina Brown—famed former Vanity Fair and New Yorker editor—launched the online news site The Daily Beast. Brown’s move to the online publishing world shocked many, and some questioned her ability to head a Web site and effectively reach an online audience. But in an interview on The Daily Beast, the print diva seemed to dismiss the idea that her new medium would pose a challenge for her: “I’m not completely sure how a printing press works, but that never stopped me.”

Can a magazine develop an online existence the way a newspaper can (The New York Times, for example)? It depends on who you ask—and whether that person thinks the magazine format has a viable future. Myrna Blyth—a veteran and celebrity of the print world (former editor-in-chief of Ladies’ Home Journal and founding editor of More Magazine) who now heads a new online project—believes a better way has arrived.

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